Hub Planner Resource Management Tool Review : Features & Pricing

Managing resources without the help of software is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, hard work, and time for managing resources successfully. But fear not, all thanks to Hub Planner, a resource management tool made for efficient and easier resource scheduling and project planning. Whether it is about delivering you perfect resource scheduling or you are willing to get a tool for creating and tracking timesheets and making perfect project planning, Hub Planner will make this and a whole lot more much easier for you. Being trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, Hub Planner is a perfect source that helps you schedule the right resource with the right project ensuring optimal resource utilization. 

In this article, we are going to review the Hub Planner and discuss its features, pricing, etc. Let's go into details. 

Perfect Resource Scheduling

Hub Planner has emerged as a perfect resource scheduling and time tracking tool. The introduction of this wonderful tool has eased the work of various project managers and their team members. The best thing about this wonderful tool is the transparency, the visibility, and the clarity it offers to users. 

Hub Planner is a perfect example of accuracy and faster access. One can now easily perform multiple tasks in just a few seconds and that too without making much effort. The scheduler comes with a number of smart functions like Tasks, booking categories, customized views, and multi-functional sidebars. Whether it is about finding out resources for business logic or you are willing to find out some better skills depending upon your location preferences, everything will be done for you in a well-organized and super easy way. 


The introduction of TimeSheets features is one of the other big reasons why this tool has gained such a huge popularity in just over a shorter passage of time. Working on an integrated time tracking module has made it easier for a business leader to enable actual time reports on projects and events. The importance of submitting accurate timesheets lends for superior analytics and in turn, more efficient resource scheduling and project planning. So how do Hub Planner achieve that? 

A good user interface (UI) is what leads to good user experience (UX). This is constant throughout Hub Planner and I include Timesheets in that. This is key to attracting users to submit Timesheets accurately and on time. Hub Planner Timesheets is sleek and easy to navigate in design with powerful features. Hub Planner do all the work for you. Timesheets automatically import time from the scheduler, capturing all the relevant data. All you need to do is confirm or adjust. How simple is that? Ain't?

Users can easily create smart graphs and charts for creating an interactive and overall visual overview of weekly time reports in just a few clicks. Moreover, users can also access the booked and scheduled time in real-time to keep in touch with the achieved ongoing and upcoming assignments. The addition of Time Sheets to Hub Planner has made it so easy for users to confirm or adjust time options depending upon their needs. 

Perfect Project Planner

Hub Planner has emerged as a perfect project planner for the businesses. The tool comes up with integrated project planning tools that help you in performing different tasks such as portfolio view creation on schedule, watching milestones, phases, and marked dates for the project. One can easily select the top-level view for checking out the different information related to your project in just a few seconds. Right from controlling budgets for your project to working on multiple currencies effectively, there are a lot of things that this project planner can effectively do for you.

For better project control, you can simply add phases to it also. You can easily check the status of your budget and the bookings if you have made any in just a few seconds. Sharing information on the project, its bookings, and of time entries is so simple. Users can easily make use of notes for sharing it and can specify your tasks, requirements, and nature of the assignment along with it also.

Perfect Multi-Tasking Package

Hub Planner has also emerged as a perfect multi-tasking package for businesses. Whether it is about the reporting builder or analyzing the entire schedule, whether it is about working with a mobile resource planner or it is about accessing premium extensions, Hub Planner makes Resource Management effortless. Users are here free to cross-reference data for finding out meaningful reports without any issues. A sturdy and comprehensive reporting platform brings the Resource Scheduling and Project Planning altogether. The ability to make smart, quick strategic decisions mid project gives Hub Planner a real competitive advantage.

Smart Groups

Hub Planner is a tool that is designed to provide easy access for different businesses. The tool comes up with various integrated feature options such as dynamic heat map feature, drag and drop scheduler, sidebar navigation, grouping, and pipeline work planner, etc. In short, we can also say that if you are running a business you don’t need to have a different kind of resource scheduler now. Just get the Hub Planner and make your journey much smoother. The Smart Groups' option of Hub Planner makes it quite easier for the users to create dynamic groups effectively. Users are free to transform any group into a smart group for creating an easy to access collection of resources, projects, teams, and clients, etc.

Vacation & Public Holidays 

The introduction of Vacation and Annual Leave Requests have made the Hub Planner a perfect tool now. One can easily make use of this tool for managing their vacations without having any difficulties. One can easily check the overview of pending requests and you can easily collaborate them with the annual holidays for creating a perfect holiday vacation. Are you a global team? Hub Planner has also catered for importing public holidays that collaborate with the scheduler, timesheets, and of course the vacation dashboard too. 

Custom Fields 

Custom Fields is designed to integrate your industry's jargon and how you would match the right resource with the right project. Completely customizable, Hub Planner has really thought about this feature and kept the user in mind. Custom Fields is an enterprise-level feature available for all users. This really is a wonderful feature making it easy to manage your workflow, terminology, metrics, and systems effectively. 

Custom Fields is an enterprise-level feature present in Hub Planner designed to easily integrate with any number of associates just by making a few clicks only. 

Free 60 Day Trial 

But before you sign up, why don’t you take advantage of Hub Planner’s 60 Day Free Trial? To be fair, this is super generous and quite unheard of for this kind of product. When I asked why? Hub Planner simply said they know companies who are adapting a software like Hub Planner are super busy and need time to evaluate and integrate before making a decision. That way they are not pressured and we want to make sure it’s the right tool for you. The Free Trial is 100% free, you get everything, no questions asked. You have full access to all Hub Planner Premium Extensions like Timesheets, Custom Fields, Approval Workflow, etc. Brilliant.


Hub Planner comes up with three pricing plans. For accessing the easiest Plug and Play plan you just have to pay out $7 per resource per month. But if you are interested in enjoying the premium features out there which there are so many of, you can opt for the premium plan just at the cost of $18 per resource per month. A custom Enterprise Plan is also available for the companies who are expecting some high-end configuration from this tool. 

Knowledge Base 

The above is only a snippet of what Hub Planner can do. But don’t worry. There is a very intuitive Knowledge Base with Q&A style reference pages and video tutorials. If you can’t locate the answer you’re looking for their support is second to none. I found it to be super impressive in response times and an actual human behind the answers to. 

Final Thoughts

Hub Planner has emerged as a perfect resource management tool for the users. The tool is being designed to perform multiple tasking without making much effort. The integration of this tool has not only helped entrepreneurs in saving much of their labor while handling data but has proven to be a great time saver for them also.

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