How to Spy Text Messages, WhatsApp and Gallery on Kid's Smartphone?

We live in a digital world where almost everyone possesses a smartphone. Even kids who are not mature enough to deal with it are using mobile phones. This makes the situation complicated as they are not aware of the threats and negative effects of mobile phones. Mobile phones are important as you can instantly get in contact with your friends and family. They are very helpful in case of emergencies as you can easily get in touch with anyone very quickly. There are many risks and harmful effects that kids have to be aware of in order to stay safe. These dangers include cyberbullying, privacy breach, etc. Hence parents should be more responsible and keep a close eye on the activities of child for protecting them against the negative effects of mobile phones and the internet.

Tispy is a parental control software that can be used by parents to analyze all the activities that are done by their child on mobile phones and the internet. This will help parents to make sure that their kid is safe and away from all the threats of the internet and mobile phones. Parental control app is one the most amazing and effective ways to ensure the safety of your kid. Tispy is one of the best parental control software as it provides all the necessary features that are required to keep a track of kids’ activities. Tispy is easy to use and you can monitor all the applications like SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike, Telegram, Facebook, and various other social media platforms. Even if the messages are deleted you can still check them with the help of Tispy Parental control software.

Features of Parental Control Software

Here are some of the important features of Tispy Parental control app that are helpful in monitoring the activities of your child,

1)Track Messages

Kids are naive and it is very easy for any random person to trick them. They might receive some unwanted text messages from a random person and it is difficult to know who the sender of the message is. The sender might pretend to be someone else that your child can trust. By this way children can be easily manipulated into doing any harmful things. They can also get robed of money. Tispy allows you to read all the messages that were received or sent by the phone. You can also check the number of the other person along with the date and time. You can also view the messages that are deleted from the mobile phone.

2) Track Multimedia Files

Tispy does an amazing job when it comes to multimedia files. A lot of people use Tispy as the primary storage of images and other multimedia files because even if the images get deleted from the phone, you can still access them from the dashboard of Tispy.

3) Track WhatsApp and Other Social Media Accounts

Tracking of social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, etc. is very important and necessary. You can check all the details of the sender or receiver of the message. A lot of bullying happens on social media so it becomes important for parents to keep a close eye on their social media platforms. Parents can also see what their kid is texting about. Tracking of social media platforms helps parents in making sure that their kid is safe and nobody is harassing them or bullying them on social media.

4) Scheduled Screen Capturing

This feature captures the screen at a regular interval of time so that parents can stay aware and spy your kid’s mobile phone. Parents can pre-plan the schedule of the screen capture. If the internet is not there then the images will not be uploaded. These images will be uploaded when the device is connected to the internet.

5) Track Location and Geo-fencing

Location tracker helps parents to know the location of their kids. You will also get notifications when kids reach at their destination. This feature also creates the map of the path for the whole day. You can easily monitor their exact location throughout the day also when the regular GPS is unavailable. It also allows you to check the visited places and the route history over a specific period of time. Geo-fencing is the best and the perfect feature to keep your child safe. If there are any unsafe places according to you then you can mark those places and keep your kids safe from them. Similarly, you can mark safe places and if your kid leaves the safe area then you will instantly get an alert. Parents can add unlimited areas in the 'safe' and 'unsafe' list. They can also check how frequently a specific area is visited.

Using a Parental Control Software can help you in several ways to protect your child from any type of harm.

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