Different Ways to Create a Unique Marketing Plan on Instagram

Instagram started as yet another social media platform in 2010, and people used it to post selfies, food photographs, travel pics, and pets. Today, however, it's much more than that. Many savvy marketers successfully use it to generate leads and grow their businesses.

The platform has encouraged this with a variety of tools. There are deep-dive analytics, posts that allow you to shop, Instagram Stories, and IGTV, for longer video formats. All of these have been used to create brand awareness and conversions.

A key reason for this is Instagram's visual format. This allows marketers and others to showcase images that inspire, motivate, and engage their consumers. In this way, Instagram has become an essential part of many digital marketing plans.

Nowadays, the reach of Instagram is immense. Reports show that over 800 million monthly users are active on the site. Every day, more than 60 million photos are posted, with 1.6 billion daily likes.

Whether you're a small business, a real estate broker, a law firm, or an entrepreneur, you shouldn't lose the opportunity to make Instagram a part of your marketing plan. Here are some ways to do this and stand out from the crowd.

Create A Professional, Recognizable Account

Your overall marketing plan should, in any case, spell out your company's message and how it communicates to customers. On Instagram, you should make sure that your efforts complement this overall strategy. The look and tone of voice should be unified and not dramatically different.

To begin with, you should set up a business account and not a personal one. Choose a name that's identical to your brand or company or the closest you can get to it. This should be simple and easy to recognize. 

The profile picture should be your logo or an image that best conveys your product or service. Make sure that this, too, is not crowded but simple and striking. 

Your company's Instagram bio should also be crisp and explain what your business does. Simple words, with a benefit to the customer, work best. 

Using Image Posts Effectively

It's essential not to use the same sort of images time after time as for the consumer, this will lead to a sense of boredom, and a loss of engagement. Think of as many different ways as possible to showcase your product or service. You could look at user-generated content, comments on topical events, or even interesting statistics. 

This allows you to connect with customers in a variety of ways. They will look forward to your posts and will be keen to comment on them. Another important aspect of getting image posts noticed is to use the right hashtags.

On Instagram, people are also usually not impressed by direct advertising messages. For this reason, try a lifestyle approach or a way to capture company culture or even a video of behind-the-scenes work life. These will help you create a personal connection with potential customers.

The Pros and Cons of Influencer Posts

A trend that has taken off in a big way is that of using influencers. These are usually people who are celebrities or otherwise known to the public for their accomplishments. You could consider using one or more influencers in your posts to promote your message.

However, do keep in mind that influencers can be expensive. Further, some consumers tend to be skeptical of influencer messages in the same way that they are of other paid advertisements. Ideally, the influencer chosen should have some connection to your brand and not be from an entirely unrelated field.

There isn't a fixed advertising on Instagram price. However, the use of influencers can significantly push up your budget, so it needs to be carefully thought through.

The Power of Contests

The suggestions given above were some broad ways to approach Instagram marketing. Now, let's turn to a specific strategy that has worked wonders for many marketers. That is, running contests on Instagram.

With contests, you can create leads, generate sales, and get more followers. There are many contest formats you can use. You could look at giveaways, photo contests, and raffles, for instance, as all of these will boost engagement.

Another feature of contests is that they allow you to build an e-mail database of leads. An Instagram contest, coupled with an e-mail marketing program, can be a potent way of creating conversions.

The Impact of Videos

It was only in 2013 that Instagram started supporting videos. Today, according to estimates, there are millions of videos on the site, and the number is rising daily.

Formats like Instagram Stories and IGTV have become extremely popular. Instagram Stories is a way to post connected images and video content in a slideshow format, which can be watched for 24 hours from the time of posting. IGTV is a separate app, as well as an Instagram feature for mobile-optimized viewing of long-form videos.

As a marketer, online videos are not something you should ignore. They are an extremely effective way to tell stories, display your company's personality, showcase testimonials, and much more. Vivid and useful demonstrations, too, are made possible by online videos.

How to Create Impactful Marketing Videos

As an entrepreneur, it's crucial to leverage the power of online videos for leads and conversions. This could be for a law firm marketing plan or any other professional service, as well. 

Some aspects to consider are the right video length for your message, a strong call to action, and the use of captions to drive home your point. It's essential to keep your videos simple and not cluttered or complicated. Delivering one message at a time, with a link to your website is the best method.

Fortunately, online video tools such as InVideo have pre-set templates that allow you to create professional videos in a short time. You can choose from thousands of images, stickers, and text boxes for great results. Best of all, there are no special skills or experience required.

So, whether you're an attorney or anyone else who wants to make use of all the marketing tools possible, you need to use Instagram. With the right image and video posts, you can watch inquiries roll in, and conversions take off.

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