5 Best Safari Extensions for Mac Users

Looking forward to trying the best Safari extensions for Mac users? If yes, we will meet you here with the top five in the industry.

Usage of browser extensions specifically increases the capabilities of a web browser to a greater extent. It not only helps you in improving the reading, modifying and promoting content only but ensures users have that integrated browsing experience that you don’t go to get anyhow.


It gets very annoying to read the context especially when we come across the multi-lingual content. The only thing that can help you at this moment is just a simple translation. Translate is one of the finest names in the Safari extensions that help users in translating several pages of any language to another one without making many efforts. 

Users can either use Microsoft or Google Translation function to enjoy easy accessibility over it. Translate has made the translation tasks much easier now. Users are free here to choose from the host or other translation services just by navigating through different resources such as keyword shortcuts, contextual menu, and toolbar buttons. It is the users' choice they are choosing the automatic or manual translation for a specific language.

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Grammarly serves as a great help for all those who find themselves lacking somewhere in grammar or spelling issues. This Safari Extension for Mac is specifically designed to help users in their content. Errors are usually being highlighted through red lines and green lines underneath the word. It means that you can easily find them and correct them without making many efforts now. 

The best thing about Grammarly premium free is that it provides you the correct suggestions for the related errors as well, and that makes your access even much easier. Whether you are about to write a Facebook status or are going to write a blog post, this Safari Extension for Mac devices is going to help you a lot. You can also read this Grammarly review to know more about how this app helps a lot.


Adding a URL into an email or social media post usually consumes a lot of time. It seems to be quite annoying while waiting longer for uploading shorter bits of contexts and that’s where Shortly helps fantastically for you. Shorter is one of the finest Safari Extensions for Mac users that helps in shortening up any URL in just a few seconds. Users are free to choose your preferred service here such as Bitly, Google, Custom Endpoint and TinyURL, etc. Once you have successfully enabled Shortly as an extension in your Safari browser, it will automatically shorten up any URL whenever required.


If you really wanted to be quite productive and don’t want any distractions over there, WasteNoTime is just the great option you could rely on as Safari Extension for Mac devices. The best thing about this wonderful safari extension is that it makes quite easier for you to block certain sites and links. It means that you can now easily enjoy smooth tasks without having any distractions. 

The way to access it is quite easier here. you just have to tap on the link and have to add it into your block list to enjoy smooth access. Adding more into its features, this extension is also being featured with a tracker and that makes it quite easier for a user to know how much time they have spent on different websites.


Organizing various tasks in this busy routine is surely not so easy as it seems to be. There are a lot of things that we can miss or forget about. If you are failing to organize your different projects simultaneously Todoist is just the right safari extension for Mac users. This safari extension is being designed to organize, plan and collaborate different projects without any hassle. Users can now easily remember various tasks, track their progress, prioritize their tasks and can even integrate various tools like Gmail, Slack and much more with it.

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So, Guys! These are one of the best Safari extensions for Mac users to try. Each of the extensions being mentioned above is quite different from each other and includes different possibilities to improve your user experience. If you are a Safari browser user, lift your limitations and expand the view for seamless access with these extensions now.

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