Tips on How to Find the Best Apps to Crop & Cut Videos?

I haven't been happy with the video editing application on my phone for a while. It's relatively outdated, but I have also been procrastinating about finding another one. At least I know the one I have and am able to navigate around its flaws a bit. If I went to look for another, better video editing software, it could take me hours or even days to find one I am happy with. Reading reviews, trying to get a sense of the best couple out there, then downloading and trying them out, finally, deleting the ones I don't like and working with one or two that I do. But recently, I luckily came across this website with a wealth of information on some of the top user-friendly video editing apps.
This information made it so much easier to make an educated decision on which app to pick, and it gave detailed information about each app. So, check out this informative list, but keep reading on to find out what I discovered in my search for the best video-editing app. 

Professional Apps with Countless Options 
If you have used a simple editing application on your phone, chances are you are pretty comfortable with the basic editing techniques. Yet, not only are you comfortable, but you have also gotten used to the ease of being able to edit anywhere from your mobile phone. Therefore, maybe it is time to upgrade to a more advance-featured app. For example, the famous Adobe makes quite of few professional editing apps that can help you with anything from video creating to photo enhancing right from your mobile phone. For instance, you can filter out stains on your friend's shirt in a photo, or get rid of those grey hairs in a close up of your Aunt, or customize cropping options in videos or pictures. Although, Adobe is not known for being the cheapest option out there, so it might be beneficial to dig a little deeper before deciding. 

Through your digging, you might come up with a great alternative to the expensive Adobe, like Snapseed. Although Snapseed may not have all the bells and whistles that come with the outfitted Adobe apps, it does have one thing Adobe doesn't, it's free. But, most importantly, is what you need out of an app as a photo and video editor. You may only need the options featured in a free app like Snapseed, or you may need the more advanced and customizable options of a paid application. Decide what features are most important to your craft, then look and compare a couple of apps. This way, you can decide if one is worth purchasing or at least avoid paying for more than one app so you can spend that money on other pieces of equipment that will enhance your photos and videos. 
Learning Techniques Online 
Now that you have compared and priced out a couple of the more professional editing apps, and have decided on one and paid for it, its time to get comfortable with all the cool new features it has. Instead of troubleshooting for hours and trying to figure out these new features, you can take online courses or stream tutorials that will go through all the features step by step. You can also find websites like Coursera and Udemy where you can take full-on courses in anything from post-production editing to videographer editing techniques. 
Even if you don't like either of the two websites mentioned above, one feature you should look for in any course or tutorial you want to try is the ability to download it. If you are a busy person, like most people, you are on the go more often then sitting at a desk studying. So, with the ability to download the course, you will be able to access it anywhere you go. For instance, taking a train or flight in the future? You can download the course and give it your undivided attention for the hours you would have more or less been out of productive options. 
Use a Universal App to Make Transition From PC to Phone Easy 
As you dive deeper into advanced editing features and techniques, it could be extremely beneficial to have an application that allows you to move from smartphone to PC seamlessly. The major importance is that you can learn only one application, but you can use it with any device you have, your iPad, computer, or Andriod smartphone. Not only does that give you an advantage by only having to learn one software, but it also allows you to save money by only purchasing one application for all your devices. 
In Conclusion 
Although there are plenty of editing applications out there, the best tip is to figure out what you need in an editing app, at the level of functionality and education you are at. Once you learn more advanced techniques you may want to look into an app that sets you back a bit, but the features and seamless transferring from all your devices couple make it totally worth it. Don't forget to check out the link above to some of the best editing apps out there to find the one perfect for your needs. 

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