5 Actionable Tips for Effective Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Converting prospects to customers requires a lot of communication. It’s very important to connect at the right time and with the right message according to their stage in the sales funnel. Done manually, this is a daunting task for anyone and is especially hard especially if you are new to this industry or marketing in general.
This is why so many experienced marketers use drip emails, going as far as calling it their best marketing tool. Email drip campaigns are a very powerful tool, especially when compared to other marketing techniques. It is also cost-effective, efficient, and an easy way to reach and convert your potential customers.
Tips For Effective Email Drip Campaigns

Here we have 5 smart and actionable tips for the best and most effective email drip campaigns for your brand and business. 

1. Be Goal Oriented
Yes, of course, an effective email drip marketing in itself will have to be goal oriented. You cannot just keep launching marketing campaigns without first setting certain goals. However, you can make sure your email drip campaigns is next level by setting a drip campaign with a long-term goal. Choose whether you want to educate about your brand, or sell and cross-sell other products and services, if you have any. Build better relationships with your customers and position yourself as an expert in the field through consistent constant to reach your long-term goals. 

2. Add Value To The Product
Whenever you are advertising a product or a service, everything that matters is the product value. no, we are not talking about the price here. It’s about adding value to the customer’s purchases. So, try creating drip emails that will reflect the value of your business and product. Make sure the value you include in your emails are relevant to the brand, the product, and, most importantly, the goals you are trying to reach. Try adding more content about your product and services, such as blogs posts, articles, webinars, white papers and more. 

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3. Focus On Building Relationships
Good customer relationships and bonds are the key to ever-increasing sales. Of course, when you are planning out your email drip campaigns, make sure to note all the ways you’re building better relations with your customers. Besides, drip emails can be used to attract new customers, regain the old ones, and re-engage disappeared contacts too. Sending Birthday wishes, New Year greetings, etc. with new offers, discounts, new product launch announcements are just some of the most common ways to stay in touch with the customers.

4. Customize The Messages
This is another effective tip that you must follow in order to gain and retain customers. You should customize the drip emails that you are sending by adding basic personalization (name) or more complex custom personalization (job position, country, pain points, etc.) to make your email drip campaigns look more like a personal interaction with one specific customer. If you don’t know where to find this info, it’s easy using a multifunctional email address finder that will help you find emails along with additional information about your prospect.
Never send out absolutely identical messages to multiple recipients - not only is that bad for your email reputation, but it also results in lower CTR and conversions. A personal touch is everything.

5. Automate
Don’t just use email drip campaigns for one-off emails. You can automate complex email sequences with multiple emails spread out over months to free yourself from months of unnecessary work and control. Once you receive a reply, the drip campaign will let you know so you can proceed to close the deal personally. 

Effectiveness of your email drip campaign is in going the extra mile 

That said it doesn’t mean working harder when you can work smarter. Use email drip campaigns to streamline your workflow and convert better, helping you to achieve the sales rate you dream of.

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