6 Interesting Tech Gadgets for Your Pets

The impact technology has on our lives today does not need to be specified. Everything we do and every chore we perform has been simplified through one or another form of technology. With the advent of AI and the likes of home IoT, the impact has only amplified with no intent of slowing down anytime soon.

Now, this impact has grown and found its branches in lives of everything related to us, even our pets. Our pets once led simple lives, free of all implications of these advancements. Then hit the fourth industrial revolution and with it came technologies that we hadn’t even imagined before. These advancements have now changed the lives of our pets for good as well.

We all want the best for those close to our hearts and what can be closer than our furry babies? In this article, we will walk you through the best tech gadgets for pets that have the potential to simplify your life and bring true joy to your pet.

Petcube Play 2

For most of us, our pets are like our babies and the way we grow apprehensive towards the safety and wellbeing of our babies in our absence, we get worried for our pets too. Petcube Play 2 offers the solution to that by allowing us a window to keep an eye on our fur-baby even when we’re physically not there.

It works just like a baby monitor in its mechanism by connecting to your phone through an android app and letting you talk to your pet with the help of two-way radio. Not just that, the dog version of the gadget allows you to dispense a treat for your fellow through the app, while the cat version lets you play with your cat through the laser toy.


        1080p HD Camera with wide-angle lens
        Night vision & 3x Digital Zoom
        2-way audio system
        Sound detection technology
        Wireless capabilities


        Requires more in-app purchases on care-plans
        Alexa app is not fully integrated

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

If you have multiple pets and are always stressing out over your pets eating each other’s food like Hamster eat blackberries a lot, then SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder might be a Godsend for you. This is technology at its finest in terms of pet-care.

The gadget consists of a pet feeder that has a covered flap which only opens upon sensing the microchip it is programmed for. The bowl is fit into an enclosed space that cannot be accessed from back or side while your designated pet has the flap open, further ensuring that the food be only accessible for the pet it is laid out for.


        In-built training function
        Controls food input
        Airtight storage keeps food fresh
        6 months’ battery life


        Rear cover not included
        Doesn’t shut down fast enough

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Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Another great addition among the best dog gadgets is the Whistle 3 GPS Tracker that works well for almost all pets. It is especially amazing for people that have pets with wanderlust as it saves you from all the apprehensiveness of constantly trying to track their pet’s movement.

All you need to do is to attach the tracker into your pet’s collar and mark the safe places in its system. Safe places are a defined list of places that you consider safe for your pet to be at. The tracker system sends out notifications and alerts informing you of your pet’s whereabouts and shows you interactive maps to follow your pet.


        Wireless connectivity with mobile devices
        7-days long battery life
        Goes into auto battery saving mode when at a safe place
        Waterproof design hooks easily into collar


        May not function properly in poor coverage areas
        May need to charge the device frequently

FURminator Deshedding Tool

The biggest drawback of adopting a furbaby is the amount of fur they leave on every surface of the house and how difficult it is to keep your living quarters tidy. FURminator may just prove to be the best invention for cat and dog owners for this very purpose.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes with your fur-baby and let the FURminator do its job on its hair. The gadget claims to reduce shedding by up to 90% and is completely safe on your pets’ skin and hair. The product is extremely easy to clean, hold, and use while keeping your little fellow well-groomed.


        Ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip
        Stainless steel construction
        Effortlessly removes excess hair


        May not be as effective on undercoat
        May hurt the pet if used incorrectly

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iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Dogs absolutely love a good game of fetch, every dog owner knows that. But how many times a week are you actually able to play fetch with your pooch? If the answer is not many then iFetch may present a feasible solution for you and your buddy.

It wouldn't be too far off to crown it the best dog gadgets with its’ interactive interface and innovative yet simplistic design. Depending on the size of your pet you can choose the size variant of the product accordingly. You can also set up the launch distance you want the ball to be thrown off at and the gadget will keep throwing the balls off all day to keep your pet entertained.


        Can shoot up to 30ft
        Easy to clean
        Portable design
        Battery operated


        Not very durable
        Battery doesn’t last very long

Friends Forever Interactive Laser Toy

Considered one of the best inventions for cats in terms of technology and gadgets, this interactive laser toy is a must-have. Designed keeping the fascination cats have with lasers in mind, this toy has the power to stimulate your furry darling all day long.

The toy has been manufactured to stimulate the natural hunting instinct of your cat by randomly drawing laser patterns across the walls and floors. The gadget has three speed options to adjust according to your cat’s pace and offers a 15-minute auto-turn-off timer to prevent your baby from getting over-excited.


        Quiet laser beam to promote self-play
        15-minute auto-timer
        Complete 360֯ axis
        Operated by three AA batteries


        Doesn’t offer auto-turn-on
        Tips over easily

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Technology has successfully hijacked our lives adding more convenience and ease of use to everyday components of our lives. Fortunately, that has extended to pet-care as well. Be it high-tech dog collars, wifi pet camera or auto-feeding dispensers, these gadgets have been developed to make our lives easier.

We have only presented a handful of best tech gadgets for pets here today, the market is literally swarming with such products out there. Invest in the best ones you can find and let your pet in on all the technological fun we have. 

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