12 SEO Tools to Boost your Digital Marketing Campaigns

SEO is the heart of every digital content nowadays. It brings every content online the attention they needed, and it allows them to grow. Without SEO, brands will not put in the effort to make content that people will enjoy. What we will be seeing are lists of content that we are not even sure if it will add value to us as a reader.

Now that Google has made such an algorithm, many marketing experts and businesses strive to step up their game. They provide important and authoritative content that will add value to the readers.

Since Google became strict with their rules, businesses and marketing professionals must find ways to help them boost their SEO. 

There are tools in the market that aid these professionals to create content that will be noticed by Google.

SEO Tools to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy-


SemRush is an all-in-one marketing tool that can help professionals get along with the trend. It has excellent features like keywords search, backlink audit, social media posting, and content performance analysis.

It will also help users to search on how their competitors are doing, and what step they can take to move further.

Knowing what your competitors are up to will give you an idea of what you can do for your business. 

Other features of SemRush:

Follow competitor's social media strategy
Boosts post to increase social media content
Searches trending topics for article writing
Lead generation
Gives ideas to gain more traffic

Subscription to this product starts at $99.95 per month.


Another helpful tool that experts can use to boost their content is Moz. 

Moz has been in the market for a long time. It is similar to SemRush as it is also known to be an all-in-one marketing tool.

Features that Moz offers are the following:

Crawls websites to check issues
Fixes SEO problems
Tracks performance of each content
Keyword search
Analyzes backlinks
Establishes Domain Authority

The only drawback of this tool is that it's a bit complicated for small businesses to use.

The premium plan starts at $99 per month. If paid in a year, you'll get it for $79 a month.


If you are wondering what your competitors are doing, you can easily track them. With Ahrefs, it's possible to know how you can get in the game with your competitors. 

Ahrefs provides users with keywords that their competitors use and how these keywords drive traffic to their website.

Aside from helping users to find what their competitors are doing, Ahref has other features to help experts in their marketing campaign.

Keyword search
Backlink research with updated data every 15 minutes
Provides ranking history on both desktop and mobile keywords
Tracks mentions of your brand

Ahrefs starts at $99 per month for one user only.


Many factors involved in making your campaign rank high in Google or any search engine. However, one of the most important factors is the use of the proper or right keyword.

There are millions of keywords in Google's algorithm, and guessing what it is for your niche is not easy. But, there are tools created to do that job.

KWFinder is a keyword finder that will help professionals look for the best long-tail keywords for their next campaign.

This tool will provide keywords that have high volume searches with low SEO difficulty.

Other features:

Checks competitors’ keywords
Seasonal keywords and hot trends
Local keyword search
SERP analysis

Avail one of their paid plans, which start at $29.90 per month.

Shortlist Metrics

Shortlist Metrics software is a platform used to measure the backlinks to qualify your websites. Used by SEO professionals, as well as companies of all industries and sizes, Shortlist Metrics allows users to centralize their link building processes into one tool, thus simplifying their link building workflow and speeding up their link quality evaluation process. 

Features that Shortlist Metrics offers are the following:

Automated website quality scoring system
All important SEO metrics in one place
Curated website database
Easy domain list uploader

Shortlist Metrics offers a free version, as well as Pro version for $19 a month and a Plus version for $49 a month.


Nightwatch is an SEO tracker of the next generation designed for companies who are focused on scaling up their internet business. It is exceptionally good at segmenting and visualizing data with its intuitively designed dashboard. 

Other features: 

Data aggregation
Automatic keyword and competitor discovery
Smart notifications
Customizable reports
Google Maps Pack integration
Site audit

Nightwatch starts at $19/month on a personal plan. It offers other pricing plans for business and agency use.

Google Search Console

Another tool you can use to boost your marketing strategy is to take advantage of Google's free tool, Google Console. 

If you are looking to make your website stand out, Google can help you with that. Its Search Console tool improves the performance of your site by showing your traffic and how your content performs. It also fixes issues in your site and analyzes your data.

If you want, you can also submit your website's sitemap for Google to crawl into and review your website's content.


Buzzsumo is a tool that is overflowing with ideas for your next marketing content. It provides trending topics you can write about for your next blog post. It also includes what social media post you can create for your campaign.

It may seem that its only job is to provide the perfect content for marketing experts. However, there is more to Buzzsumo than content marketing. It also links professionals to potential influencers.

Other features include:

Tracking of brand mention
Finding what your competitors are up to

Price starts at $99 per month.


One crucial component for websites to rank on top of Google is to have a solid backlink. For those who have no idea what backlink is, this is a technique where one website links to another website. The purpose of backlinks is to show Google that your website is authoritative.

BuzzStream is an SEO tool that works to research websites that are appropriate to work for your backlink campaign. 

Other features of this tool are the following.

Comes up with the right message to reach out potential targets
Links prospect
Researches influencers
Monitoring of request
Personalizes emails

You can try this for free, but for more features, their paid plans are better.


SEObility is another tool you can use to boost your digital campaign. It's similar to Moz and Semrush, which works with the same features. However, it's affordable as compared to the first two tools.

This SEO tool crawls websites to check discrepancies like duplicate content or broken links, keyword research, checking out competitors, and helps in link building campaigns.

Its paid plan starts at $50 a month.


If using a paid tool for your SEO campaign is not yet part of your budget, you can use tools that are free and effective. One known tool that offers free services is Ubersuggest.

It provides users with long-tail keywords, niche-related keywords, analysis of competitors' activities, and keywords often used by readers.


If you want to get ahead of the game or catch up with your competitor, SpyFu can do the job for you. This tool focuses on determining what your competitors are doing to gain a lot of traffic or customers. It will track keywords used by your competitors, search keywords that are ranked higher, and monitors your competitors' PPC campaign.

Their paid plans begin at $39 per month.

Working to achieve a successful SEO campaign is a daunting task. Working alone or without the use of any tools is not an effective strategy. If you want your business to grow this year, you have to take advantage of the tools used by most experts or available online. Take a look at the list above to start your journey on a successful digital marketing campaign.

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