Alibaba’s Forthcoming Tech Trends To Takeover 2020

A lot of research and development institutes have been predicting about the latest tech that’ll influence the digital market. However, the Alibaba DAMO Academy has published its predictions of the trends that are expected to take over 2020. From global tech industries to the experiential market, everything will receive advancements.

According to the academy, there are chances of artificial intelligence (AI) to receive major updates and shift to cognitive intelligence from perceptual intelligence. It will improve video understanding, natural language processing and speech-to-text tech for more advancements.

Along with that here is a list of latest tech trends that are expected to take over 2020:

AI To Evolve More Like Human

In 2020, AI is predicted to receive updates that’ll make it work more like humans. Researchers at DAMO explained the drive behind upgrading AI to work efficiently. Well, it is due to the conjugation of cognitive psychology and neurosciences that are combined to replicate human behavior. To make it work AI will adopt the latest machine-learning techniques that will allow it to act, think, design a website and make decisions more like human-made at webmization. The machine and continual learning will also help advance tech to learn and understand things in a better way. 

Advanced Computing

Computing systems have been receiving updates for a long time. However, tech veterans at DAMO stated that this year AI will influence the next generation computing to such an extent that’ll offer smart assistance. From a processing-in-memory structure to its integrated software, it comes with a fast processing speed. Where it used to take hours to complete a task, the advance computing will help you get done with it instantly.

IoT And 5G Networking

The deployment of 5G and IoT is expected to influence marketers this year. From robotics, logistics to everything included in automating equipment, AI will strongly influence it. Whether it is related to a supplier’s need or grasping potential audience’s attention, hyper-connected manufacturing will be affected.

Same goes with the 5G network. According to the marketers at DAMO, 5G networking will fuel your networking by making it easier for you to connect and respond to other channels. Being a 5th generation wireless tech it expected to offer speedy cellular networking without and regional hindrance.

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With the rapid evolution in the automation, smart tech will receive updates that will help machines to communicate with other machines. For instance, computers perfectly send codes and connects with other systems. This type of connectivity is not limited to computing but robotics, automated cars even ePOS systems and other tech is predicted to evolve in 2020.

Designing Chips

Chipmaking will not stay the same as it was. If you’ve heard about Moore’s Law then you must have an idea of why it is happening. Well, according to his law, chip designing will become more intricate and expensive. You have to invest a lot of your time, efforts and money in building faster and smaller semiconductors for modern computing. Along with that, chiplets will take the place of small semiconductors that will allow you to get better replacements for the chips. You can also invest in silicon tech that is taking over the market these days. This is because they are more eco-friendly and require no effort to fit it. If you compare it with the modern magnetic tech then they are ideal to design custom chips.

Blockchain to Overpower the Commercial Industry

Blockchain is linked with cryptography which connects each block with a cryptographic hash of the previous block. It makes applications more accessible for businesses. It is modified to assist cloud computing and offer extreme convenience. Blockchain technology is pretty much updated and linked with core algorithms that will boost its function. This year, it is predicted that blockchain applications will receive prime attention from the commercial industry which will help it grow and get more updates.

Quantum Computing

If you haven’t heard of quantum computing before then it’s related to physics. Its structure is based on quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement that allows your system to operate. According to the researches at DAMO, quantum computing was not highlighted in the past few years but the evolution in tech will help in commercializing this technology. In this way, computers can deliver real-time solutions and correct errors within a go. It is also expected that quantum computing will reach new heights of success in an advanced computing system.

Modern Techniques to Evolve Semiconductors

With the rise in demand for the latest tech, semiconductors are close to receiving updates with better chips and mechanism. The chipmakers are developing better solutions by creating 3-nanometer node silicon-based transistors that’ll speed up the flow by fueling performance. Along with that, advanced insulators and two-dimensional superconducting materials will boost the current flow without resistance. In 2020, it is expected the magnetic memory technology will be used efficiently. This is due to the research on magnetic transistors that says they are more cost-effective and consume less power than other traditional tech.

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Data Security

For businesses with a rapid growth rate, data security is very important. From your client’s personal information to the organization’s data, everything demands protection. To introduce better data security platforms in your organization, AI algorithms are used. They are filtered via information and prevent data breaching. AI is helping companies to come with smart and secure online platforms that are offering better functionality and promoting safe methods that are used as a shield against inefficiencies.

Advancements in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is highly used these days. From on-demand availability of computer system resources to data storage, it plays a key role. It efficiently functions over the internet which means the user can store any information without worrying about losing it. In today’s world cloud computing is considered as the backbone of the digital market. From a huge amount of data, semiconductor chip to blockchain, IoT and quantum computing, every tech is tied to cloud computing. If you wonder why then it has given an exposure to these techs to evolve. 


To keep up with Alibaba DAMO Academy’s tech trends, you need to fuel your branding game. Let us know what are your thoughts on these trends in the comments below.

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