A Quick Look at the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

Have you ever tried to make out what smartphone brands mean by saying that they are offering an AI-powered camera?

Artificial intelligence or AI is now becoming a vital part of our lives. Let us have a look at the role of artificial intelligence and see whether AI is really the future or not. Read on!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI is not a new concept in the field of technology. It simply means that machines are accorded with human-like intelligence via a system of programs or information that are feed and built into a machine. The machines could be anything like from a leading smartphone to the best laptop and more.

AI-powered machines are able to perform many tasks, which are mostly observed via human intuition such as facial recognition, gathering of knowledge, problem-solving and logical reasoning. Overall, some machines such as smartphones, laptops and more becoming smarter and more humane or with a human touch.

Over the years, artificial intelligence or AI has been a part of many devices right from advanced smartphones to many applications on your mobile phones and more.

Even companies such as Google and Amazon have launched some smart home devices that help users in their daily chores of life. You must have heard about such smart home AI devices such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Nowadays, businesses with an online presence also come with AI-enabled chatbots and online assistance bots. They are sufficient enough to automatically answer some of the concerns of a customer without involving any human customer agent.

In some cases, when human interaction is needed, those chatbots also know which human agent to transfer your query for an end-to-end solution. This way, companies have been able to serve their customers even in the dead of night easily.

Here’s How AI founds its Way to Smartphones

AI was always associated with designing robots to perform human-like functions at an efficient and a much faster pace – majorly depicted on conventional media.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these machines are able to learn or know more about the environment or the situation that they are in. As a result, they cautiously adjust to the needs of the users. Machine learning is what it is called.

These days, machine learning is just not about learning about AI robots that learn/know what people are up to, but even open to what they are even thinking. It is also about what they are responding to other people and saying. Slowly and steadily, AI has found its way into other devices that are accessible to humans and majorly via the internet.

Machine learning is now also implemented into some home devices, online video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Overall, the technology that thrives on artificial intelligence is now learning more about people, their preferences and their daily activities.

The newest form of the device to get the support of AI is none other than the smartphone. Various companies are now incorporating AI into the processors of their flagship models. In this market, you can easily find a smartphone laced with an AI processor along with an Apple and Google model as well.

It has helped smartphone users to customize the way these smartphones function. Hence, they are able to make the most of the features of smartphones. Even the cameras of such smartphones are using artificial intelligence for smarter responses to the surroundings around a user.

As a result, it may be quite possible that smartphones could easily lead the evolution of all machines towards the process of machine learning and AI in the future.

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