5 Best Media Server Software You Must Try For Streaming in 2020

best media server softwares

Today it’s not unknown that entertainment is how gigantic role-playing to transform our set of mind. And we all are looking most of the time to continue scrolling on a search engine to research for the best media server software or even custom API development services.

But after a lot of effort still have not reached to retrieve satisfactory output after having them. Therefore, we have selected some trustful names among the universal media server software you should be thankful after using them.

Most of us regularly searching for best media server tools to fulfill our need for multi-device streaming service or DLNA server software to stream high-quality media. That's why we reviewed a big list of media server apps available for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. and then we shortlisted a few names we find best among them. 

So after scrolling down, you will competent to check some amazing suggested name regarding the media entertainment software those who have achieved amazing review and rating which later will discuss.

First, let’s enroll with some most important highlights on media server:

  • Designed for Windows, Android, MAC, iOS, Linux, and Chromecast.
  • Remote control access.
  • Cover most of the international languages with subtitle opportunity.
  • Variety of themes available.
  • Suggested media software free and available on the home portal to download and install.
  • Multiple supported plugins alternative is available.
  • Introduced media server software that successfully achieved amazing reviews and ratings.
  • The installation process of each one is quite simple, link has been shared to install any for below-listed media server tools list.
  • These suggested software provides a high quality of audio and video content.
  • Includes movies, radio, games, news, sports, audio songs, and many more not mentioned in line.

Hence before checking the list of best media server software, let’s first observe the YouTube uploaded video. The motive of listing this youtube video to put you more in your comfort zone that how shared media server software works perfectly without any dispute.

Here we must inform you that the list we have prepared for you, each one has review and ratings individually checked out from various authenticated sources. And the most amazing part is that each media software is checked one after one by us, and the best ones we listed had delivered the amazing satisfactory result.

Top 5 Best Media Server Software List:

1. Kodi

Kodi is one of the amazing media server software which formally was known as XBMC and now its name has changed to KODI. It is a multilanguage media server software which is famed for developed own simple operational process.

It includes various attractive themes with a lot of plugins which has proven more helpful to engage its own customers. It has developed for Windows, Android, IOS, MAC, and Linux. Because of supporting various famous platforms Kodi becomes more famous.

Kodi is also famous as the home theater which is absolutely free of cost and alternatively, it’s paid version also available on the website of Kodi, which is now available on the cheapest price. So without delay, you can check out this tool.

2. Plex

Previously, Plex was the most popular tool but in a minimum time gap, it's overtaken by the KODI but the success rate chart of the Plex is amazing.

Plex supports all the plugins which KODI does. Now in current time Plex supports 43+ languages and with subtitles.  It is available on Windows, Android, Mac, IOS, and on many not famous.

The more is that, after a certain period of time Plex receives its own updates and after the successful penetration testing which helps Plex to improve their performance.

3. Media Portal

In our list, we are awarding the third position to the Media portal software which also storing the good review and rating. The cause of placing it in the third position, because it is limited to Windows only.

Media Portal developed in C# which makes uncommon to this media player software. Being a Windows customer this is the best-proven alternative for media server software.

It has a variety of supported skins and plugins which makes it best for Windows. The good things going with Windows, it does not stick with any dispute.

4. Younity

Younity is also a big market player. In compare with the Media Portal, it has more variety of installing on different operating system platform. It comes under the media player and media center, which makes this function more amazing.

As like above it also does support a variety of the skins and plugins which helps its users to engage more. The significantly operational process is quite simple and quick.

Moreover, it is well supported on Windows, Linux, IOS, and MAC. It is awarded by the unique features of accessing your automatic system file. No matters what it is like – photos, video, media, or any document file.

5. Madsonic

Madsonic is an amazing media server software that has its own server and also a third-party hosting server. Because of having many servers, it successfully to deliver high-end customers.

The quality of the video and audio is amazing. Like above it also includes various number of plugins and themes. Madsonic applicable to Windows, Mac os, IOS, and Linux.

After developing on java platform makes it more flexible to the Madsonic. This is a new market player but fastly has achieved its own users, those who have well rated.

So these were the top media server software you must try your hands on. Let us know what you think about and if you have to add som, in the comments below. 

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  4. Anonymous06 November

    Hello, I think Ant Media Server(https://antmedia.o) and Wowza(https:/www.wowza.com/) should be on the list.