How to Hire a New Web Designer for Your Business?

Are you looking forward to building your own business website? Most people prefer getting this done professionally. This is important to come up with brilliant results. Now the question is should you hire an experienced designer or a novice.

Experienced designers will surely do the job in the best way possible. However, the new ones shouldn’t be ignored. A new designer may not hold ample experience in developing websites for various clients but they are young, equipped with all of the latest skills and techniques in the industry, and passionate about making it big in their field. Hiring them or giving them a chance will let them work really hard for you. Most new designers charge nominally for projects. This means you can save some money while getting a website design for your small business.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while hiring a new website designer for your project:

1. Their Job

Website designers are responsible for how awesome your website looks. Right from the layout, icons, colors, fonts, and buttons of the website, these professionals are responsible for making your website look great. Designers may also know several languages. It is always good to ask your designer about the jobs they can take up.

2. The Skills/Expertise of a Designer

A new designer should have an eye for detail. He should be passionate towards designing great stuff. Most designers possess good understanding of hierarchy, layout, typography, color theory, and web font. Another requirement is to hold a strong grasp of UX/UI design foundations. It is very helpful for you in creating a smooth design that effortlessly guides users through a website without confusing them.

A designer should have good instincts. Technology changes fast. One should be able to follow these trends. This is crucial for being the best designer in town.

3. Agency or a Freelancer

It is crucial to know how things work with the designer. Is he/she the whole sole owner and decision maker or works under a boss. A freelance designer reports directly to the clients. On the other hand, if the designer works at an organization, he usually reports to his immediate boss such as an art director, a project manager or UX design director. You need to know how a freelancer will take care of your project in case, things fall apart (gets sick or encounter an emergency).

4. Other Responsibilities

Although not necessary, most web designers are capable of taking up other responsibilities such as they UX designing, UI designing, graphic designing, product designing and front-end designing. You can ask what else the designer can do besides designing a website.

5. Ask About Regular Updates

The key to continue doing great work is to work hard. One should also stay abreast of the latest news, advancements, inventions, and trends in web design. You can ask the designer about how he stays updated with the latest trends.

6. Look for Projects and Samples of their Own Work

A new website designer will have a degree in graphic design or attended professional classes in languages such as UI, UX, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. However, it is important to ask if the designer holds some experience in this field. Enquire about the number of projects he had done or a portfolio of his own projects (intern). Personal interest in design work shows one’s drive to learn, experiment, and create. This is what makes one a great designer.

7. Discussion

Before hiring a new web designer, it is crucial to have a detailed discussion with him/her. Ask them about how they can help you come up with a website that can attract profits to business. Pay attention to what the professional says, asks you about the business, and the instructions he offers. This will let you know how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the professional is about the web designing process.

8. References

It is wise to ask a new designer about some references he may provide you with. Some of the best references may be from the place he had completed his designing course and places where he had done intern and any projects he had done during practical training. This will help you to know about their reputation in the industry and how they have been faring with clients.

In Conclusion

There’s no harm in hiring a novice website designer provided you keep the above listed things in mind. New designers are more knowledgeable and updated with the latest trends and technology in the industry. The best part is that you can save some money in the process too. New designers are passionate about their work and they want to prove themselves. Hence, you can bargain and get some discounts for their first project.

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