What are the Biggest Trends in Technology These Days?

In this Cox Deals compiled blog post, you’ll get to learn about some of the biggest trends pertaining to the technological domain – and how they continue to affect the lives of people based all around the globe.

In today’s world, all of us live an accelerated lifestyle. The internet, of course, has played a big role in getting us to where we’re at – an intimately connected multiverse. Helped along in its global spread by such ISP services as the Centurylink Speeds provision, the virtual reality of the Web now works in concert with our physical reality. So my usage of the comic-book-inspired term ‘multiverse’ is not misplaced in this context. Even the fact that you’re reading this piece bears testament to this new-age fact.
And as a technology fiend & commentator, I find this overlapping incorporation of life with implement exciting. In the same manner that our ancestors found their work-life consolation in their axes, spades and bullock carts.

A Personal Take – and Technological Orientation

I am not plagued by the imagined ramifications of a future human-machine alliance (as is fictitiously portrayed in James Cameron’s The Terminator series). I believe that increasing workplace and social mechanization will only result in enhancing production and efficiency. And human beings, placed as they are at the receiving end of this chain, will reap the dividends.
Should this trend continue, and we are enabled to check the negative repercussions of technological use in their entirety, then a bright future may yet beckon. But as of now, we are still unable to contain the poisonous environmental impact that a large percentage of our machine-usage brings. And unless we figure out how to correct these wrongs (of correlation), the concept of ‘winning holistically’ will elude us.
On this front, it is heartening to note that most tech manufacturers (hailing from all industries) are engaged in bettering their products’ energy efficiency dynamics. When machines use less energy, they emit a lower frequency of dangerous exhaust substances. By extension, they also require lower resources of fuel (leading to more natural resource preservation). Green cars and solar-panel farms are good examples of these energy-saving machine utilities.
So the ‘good’, in a nutshell, always seems to come abridged with the ‘bad’ (in the technological sense). The latter, owing to its undesirability, stimulates the human drive to find solutions. And so the cycle of progress continues.
Taking one step forward; two steps backward (but moving steadily in the forward direction).

The 3 Biggest Technological Trends of 2020

In this post, I’ve listed 3 of the biggest trends that have begun to take over the technology sector (both in the U.S and elsewhere). By the last quarter of this year, I believe that they will fully lay siege to major company product & service lines. These technological shifts include, namely, the production of blockchain-IoT wedded gadgetry, Fintech refinement, and the popularization of Augmented Reality.

1.      Blockchain-IoT Gadgets

Blockchain is the ground-breaking technology that underlies the modern cryptocurrency revolution. When judged from an information storage & transferal perspective, it offers some of the securest solutions to companies for managing customer transactions.
IoT, on the other hand, is the convenient acronym for the ‘Internet of Things’. This is primarily a market-oriented conception which foresees every technological gadget (be it electric, or not) hooked with recording sensors. These sensitive probes allow devices to interact with one another, and with their human overseers. Important information like material density, freshness, and dynamic weight etc. can be transferred autonomously through these elaborate networks, making way for higher levels of end-consumer satisfaction.
Blockchain-IoT technology embedded materials will furthermore be enabled to interact through highly secure channels. These pathways, fortified with stringent encryption firewalls, will substantially reduce the risk of hacking. In addition, companies will be able to tailor their products’ user-experiences more efficiently, and in-line with consumer wants.
Some major tech brands like Samsung and Apple have already begun experimenting with Blockchain and IoT algorithms – with their integrated product lines set to hit retail stores in a few months’ time.

2.      Fintech Refinement

Fintech is the abbreviated form of the term ‘financial technology’. As such, it represents all of the technology-based mechanisms through which individuals engage in electronic transactions. Both traditional and contemporary.
2018 is expected to usher in a greater proliferation of fintech ware in both developed & developing world economies. Many major Chinese retailers & BTB intermediaries like Ali Baba and Tencent have introduced their own financial products anticipating the arrival of this trend. Their customers, instead of having to make do with paper currency, bank notes or credit cards, can use the brand’s own e-payment platforms for shopping speedily. And this practice is not restricted only to mainland China, but extends to wherever the said companies’ sales reach extends.
In addition, many popular U.S retailers like Walmart and Costco will soon start accepting mobile facial and retinal recognition for payments processing; as announced by some of their corporate spokespersons.

3.     Augmented Reality Popularization

Augmented reality made its first public appearance with the launch of the iPhone X by Apple Inc. in the last quarter of 2017. This technology lends a greater proficiency to machine hardware to depict human subjective expressions and moods. When considered from the fintech perspective (briefly elaborated above), it further makes customer identification more accurate.
From the business standpoint, augmented reality projections will enable brands to showcase their products in custom-fit formats to their customers. And virtual projection in locations with high-speed internet coverage will allow them to set up ad-hoc and non-brick ‘n’ mortar outlets in areas with sudden consumer aggregation.
It may not be long before we see A.R glasses adorned by travelers and tourists in foreign locations (which meticulously translate every unknown language query they come across).
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Author Bio:
Stephen N. Mills is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As San Francisco resident, he loves reading books and writing on different topics like SEO, Branding, Health and etc. That's where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Stephen co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.

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