How To Increase Security for Your Business

Every business runs the risk of being breached, robbed, or attacked, online and offline. If you haven’t reviewed your security procedures and protocols recently, it’s time to do so. You might have several weak spots without knowing it! Fortunately, several methods and gadgets can help you protect your assets and employees. Here’s how to increase security for your business without going over budget.

Surveillance Mode

Once upon a time, surveillance systems involved cameras, microphones, speakers, yard after yard of wiring, and a central security room. Nowadays, video surveillance is much simpler, and that security room can fit into your phone! You can install smart security cameras around your facility and monitor them with apps on your personal device. They can send alerts to your smartphone in real time! Watch your front and back doors and any part of your business from anywhere, anytime.

Lock It Down

Old-fashioned locks get the job done for interior and exterior doors, storerooms, and employee-only access. You can even use locking mailboxes for your business. However, thieves can still pick those locks or pop them open with a little pressure from a hammer or crowbar. Elevating security with smart locks is a better alternative. Use your phone or other personal device to open, close, and tightly lock doors in-person and from far away. While some smart locks require codes, others are voice or fingerprint-activated, reducing the chances of a breach.

Let There Be Lights

Lights are another form of security that have existed for a long time, and they’ve undergone several upgrades. Straightforward, sustained lighting, of course, keeps places illuminated all the time. You can install motion-activated lighting, on the other hand, in places where darkness is a criminal’s best friend. These lights activate when someone is skulking about. That’ll save you money where your utilities are concerned. Lighting can also activate as you move about a larger facility that would be prohibitively expensive to illuminate all the time.

Secure Security

Here’s one more suggestion on how to increase security for your business. Look at your security plan and make updates reflecting changes in technology. Establish policies on physical and cybersecurity, such as inventory of electronic devices, RFID cards, and who they’re assigned to. Decide on who can access what, online and off. Establish protocols for generating passwords, and forbid outside unauthorized thumb drives and similar gadgets people can use to break into computer systems. Finally, appoint a security chief, and review these procedures with them every month or sooner! 

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