8 Best Tech Accessories for Freelancers

If you want to give a unique gift to your beloved remote worker or freelancer, consider these tech products they'll appreciate for sure. Working from home (or elsewhere) has the advantage of allowing you to select the equipment you will use. Unfortunately, clients and offices do not always pay for what remote workers desire. And, while these items may aid productivity, they are not always something that a remote worker would purchase for himself. However, if you have a remote worker, a family member, or significant other, these are some precious tech presents they will love and appreciate.

1) A Laptop Backpack

While a laptop itself might be the core of your tech arsenal, a backpack specifically designed for it elevates it to a true tech accessory. These backpacks go beyond just carrying your device; they provide essential protection with padded compartments, keeping your laptop safe from bumps and scratches. But functionality goes beyond brawn. Many backpacks boast features like built-in organizers for chargers, cables, and external drives, transforming your bag into a mobile tech hub. With easy access pockets and ergonomic designs for comfort, a laptop backpack becomes an extension of your tech lifestyle, keeping you organized and prepared for anything the day throws your way.

2) An Ergonomic Chair

If there is one piece of equipment that every remote worker should have, it is an ergonomic chair. Whether they have a sit-stand desk or not, they will need to sit in front of their computer at some point. And if they work a full day (or even a half day), the chair they sit in has a major impact on their productivity.

This is because an uncomfortable chair makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their work. To acquire the appropriate feel, the user must constantly alter their seating position. And if the chair they're sitting in doesn't promote proper and pleasant posture, it could lead to long-term physical and medical issues.

3) Power Bank for Mobile Phones

As a freelancer, you may be required to do activities with your smartphone or tablet in unusual locations and at unusual hours. This necessitates that you remain connected to a dependable power supply at all times. A power bank, a compact power source for mobile cellphones and tablets, is your best chance for that. It has various USB ports in various sizes and colors.

You don't have to limit your work schedules or cancel on clients because of power outages or low-battery devices when you have a power bank. Furthermore, because it takes up little or no room, it is easy to transport. 

4)    Printer

Printer freelancing is not confined to performing all tasks remotely. When you need to physically handle a couple of paper works, having a printer around is essential. It may be used to print, scan, and photocopy documents, saving you time and money over doing it outside. Furthermore, you can use any printer (wireless or connected) that you are confident will do the job.

5) Noise-Cancelling Earphones or Headphones

Whether the remote worker listens to music while working, a good pair of noise-canceling earbuds/headphones is a great gift. This is especially true if they frequently have virtual meetings or prefer to work alone. Earbuds or headphones with good sound pickup and passive sound isolation are ideal. This allows them to be heard during meetings while also guaranteeing that they can clearly hear the persons with whom they are conversing. They can also minimize ambient noise without music by using the active noise-canceling feature. This could allow individuals to block out external noises and concentrate on the task at hand.

6) Desk or Table Lamp

One of the advantages of freelancing is the ability to determine your own working hours. A table lamp is required for optimal vision if you choose to work late at night. Table or desk lamps illuminate your workspace and enhance its appearance in the dark.

Most desk lamps also allow you to adjust the brightness to your liking and reduce eye strain, eliminating the need to squint while working at night.

7) MiFi

A reliable internet connection is essential for freelance work. You'll need it to communicate with clients, access work tools and services, and complete tasks. In other words, working as a freelancer is impossible without a reliable internet connection. That is why you require a MiFi: a portable wireless router that also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to ten devices.

You may take it with you wherever you go without having to look for networks in public areas. You also don't need to download any software or use a USB cable to connect.

8) External SSD 

An SSD is a speedy and dependable storage choice. With a super-fast SSD, you can take your files with you on the move and work from anywhere. The Samsung T7 is a terrific device from a dependable company that can handle a lot. Edit with raw files from your pocket. Save large projects and all of their assets. Easily transfer files between devices.

A Productivity Gift

While these items may appear insignificant, they go a great way towards assisting online freelancers and remote professionals in increasing their productivity. Furthermore, some of these ergonomic alternatives can help you avoid long-term physical and medical difficulties, making them a smart investment. 

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