Pekoko Mobile Color Printer – An Amazing Gadget to Have!

Are you looking for a small portable handheld printer option?

Are you willing to showcase your talent for making customized items like T-shirts, Notebooks, Mugs, or other things?

If yes, we are here with the world's smallest mobile color printer option for you. Pekoko Mobile Color Printer is one of the smallest handheld printer options that offers users the freedom to showcase their talent on different items. The best thing about this wonderful printer is that it offers a very convenient usage for users to print full colors on almost all types of surfaces. Sound’s interesting right?

Working freely on an affordable printer like this would be great fun for everyone. You would not need to stay stuck to the same space for taking printout of our imaginations. You can easily carry out your printer along with you now and can take off your desired prints anywhere you want.

Pekoko Handheld Color Printer: Individual Imprint Designs

Pekoko has provided everyone in space where they can easily showcase their unique creativity very conveniently. You can now easily print different creatures on various surfaces using a mobile app that works with this gadget. Pekoko Mobile Color Printer is easy to carry gadget that comes with its companion application so that you can take prints of images anytime you want. Moreover, you can also make use of this color printer option for creating your QR and bar codes.

Pekoko is a lightweight wireless mobile color inkjet printer that is recently listed on Indiegogo. It's a great portable printer option that offers users great ease of usage. One just has to connect their smartphones with this color printer option for creating and printing their multi-color texts, graphics, numbers, dates, logo, QR code, date and time, and much more. For enabling easy access over it, you just have to use the related application on your smartphone.

The smartphones are usually connected with the device with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi. It is one of the most intelligent color printers that offer editable content with a full range of color choices. In short, you can also say that users can now easily fulfill all sorts of DIY printing needs without having any issues. The device is designed compatible with Android and iOS devices so that everyone can work with it effortlessly.


Pekoko Mobile Color Printer is the world’s smallest mobile mini color printer that holds on the capability of taking you on the tour or funny DIY printing world. The mini color printer offers users the freedom of printing what they want to. Whether you are willing to send a novel gift to your friends or family or you are willing to name a T-Shirt as per your preferences, Whether you are willing to make a print on cardboard or you are willing to take some beautiful print on leather, Pekoko will work amazingly great on all.

How to Use Pekoko Mobile Color Marker Printer?

Working on Pekoko Mobile Color Marker Printer is an easy task. You just have to follow a few steps to get access to it successfully. Below are the things you have to follow:

  • Launch your web browser and then search for the Pekoko app on your device.
  • Select the latest version and then enable it to download on your smartphone.
  • Once done, now connect your smartphone Pekoko app to the device through Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Once done, edit the print content as per your preferences.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, now touch the top induction button of your device and then slide the device on the surface you are willing to take a printout on.
  • Bingo! You have to make a printout on your preferred surface successfully.

Bottom Line

The Pekoko Mobile Color Printer is made from good quality Aluminium Alloy and ABS/PC. Overall, it is durable and will last long for long-term users, so don’t worry about the build quality. The battery-powered (10 hours) mobile printer brings a lot of innovation & portability for the professionals. 

You no longer have to visit nearby printing store or wait till you reach the office anymore. You can use it as a quick company signature tool and it is much more appealing than traditional solutions. Pledges for Pekoko Mobile Color Printer starts from €139 on IndiegogoIt comes under an affordable piece of tech gadget to own in 2020. So don't wait and go for it!

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