What To Consider When Buying a Cell Signal Booster

Signal boosters are great devices when the cell phone reception in your home or office isn’t very strong. Installing a booster can lead to fewer dropped calls and an overall improvement in your phone’s speed and reliability. Before you consider buying a cell signal booster, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Coverage Area

If you understand how a cellular network works, then you know that signals may not reach every room in your home or workplace equally. Some people get boosters because they want to focus on improving the signal in a single room, and others just want to get something with a wider range of connectivity. 

Knowing how much area you want to cover and what the current strength of that area is may help when deciding which booster is best for you. When setting up your antenna, you can use your phone’s field test mode to check which room has the weakest signal to find out which room would benefit from having a strengthened signal the most. Field test mode is just one of the many unique things your smartphone can do that you may not have known about.

Antenna Type

One thing to consider when buying a cell signal booster is the type of antenna you want. Most boosters use either an omnidirectional antenna that boosts the signal in all directions or a flat antenna that aims at a more focused point. Many find the omnidirectional options better for an office space where you want everyone to have evenly strengthened signals, so it's a good idea to consider either dome or panel antennas for your signal booster.

Number of People

The style and strength of your cell phone signal booster may need to be greater depending on how many people are using it. A one-bedroom apartment can use different strengths and styles compared to a multi-person office or a residential home with a family of five. A cradled booster is a good option when it's just you or a roommate or two, but you may need a multi-user booster to accommodate larger groups. One significant advantage of cell phone boosters is that they can amplify signals from a range of different networks and carriers, so no one should be left with a weaker signal based on their provider.

Cell phone signal boosters are great for amplifying nearby signals in weaker areas, and they may be a fantastic choice for you if you find yourself dealing with dropped calls or slow texts. 

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