9 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Have you ever surfed through thoughts that the phone or portable device you use all day to resolve your technical tasks and daily needs, transactions, calls, messages, photography, etc., can be further equipped with advanced and crazy hacks just like in escape rooms? Sounds envious, doesn't it? Find out how! 

We employ our telephones for a variety of purposes, such as mapping, TripAdvisor, selfie uploading, mail checking, and weather service checking. They are used for a lot more than just conducting phone conversations. With these minuscule but mighty machines, which have thousands of times the processing capacity of the Voyager 1 spacecraft, we are simply scratching the horizon of what we can accomplish. Here are some excellent examples of how bright minds are using smartphones more effectively and doing the following. 

1. Cholesterol Monitoring 

Cornell College engineers created the Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Detection, or smartcard, to measure LDL cholesterol. After placing the tool, which resembles a credit card scanner, over the cellphone screen, users place a drop of blood, perspiration, or saliva on a sample strip. The device's created flash flashes the ribbon as soon as it is inserted, and algorithms then match the object's color information and show the results on the phone. Although the lab is also trying to check carbohydrates, hormone Imbalance, LDL, or "bad" triglycerides, and HDL, or "good" triglycerides, the examination now only evaluates cholesterol levels. 

2. Drone Flight 

The independent drone was constructed by the Vienna University of Technology and is navigated using the processing power of your smartphone. This drone can interact totally on its own without the aid of a computer, unlike most drones, which are often flown by humans or by instructions from an earth–based computer. The smartphone cameras provide graphical data, and the app-written processor on the device acts as the control panel. The device's creators envision a variety of uses for it, such as putting it into a burning building to look around before firefighters enter, directing people in vast and complicated environments, and inexpensively monitoring illegal logging. 

3. Health Evaluation 

Scientists at Dartmouth University developed an Android operating system that can gauge a user's psychological response. Without the need for user input, the program continuously monitors elements such as the amount of sleep each night, the amount and duration of conversations each day, physical exercise, the locations visited and the hours invested there, stress levels, eating patterns, and other things. On the phone, data is analyzed using computational techniques and machine learning programs to get more in-depth findings about sleep and sociability. 

Students maintained the app-equipped phones throughout a 10-week term, and the information was closely related to their academic performance and mental well-being. The tool can be used to assess teaching quality, identify students in danger, and provide real-time input on campus security and stress levels. It checks mental wellness and increases efficiency at work. 

4. STDs Recognition 

To identify HIV antibodies and two other types of syphilis antigens, the smartphone adapter or connection mimics a lab-based blood test, particularly a protease immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Recently, it was sorely tested in Rwanda at independent counseling and screening facilities and clinics that work to prevent mother-to-child propagation. 

5. Tech Specks 

Leaving their glasses at home is undoubtedly a disaster for someone with myopia. Without glasses, he or she won't be capable of seeing effectively at a distance. As a consequence, he or she will need assistance from others, particularly while traveling. In such circumstances, you can utilize the camera on your smartphone to see objects outside of your field of vision. You may quickly get a sharp image of your circumstances by using the zoom option of your smartphone camera. 

6. Vehicle Control 

It would be fantastic if you could warm up or cool down your automobile before you even get to the parking garage. That is a hack that can be applied to mobile devices. It's similar to converting your smartphone into a car remote. The complete system enables you to start your car, unleash your doors, access your trunk, find where you're decided to park, and even turn on your surveillance system. Additional features included in specialization include text notifications for infractions and low battery warnings for your vehicle. 

7. Pulse Rate 

Instant Heart Rate application takes your heartbeat using your cellphone camera and flashlight. Simply position your index finger in front of the camera, and the application should use variations in color to determine your heart rate. Additionally, the app gathers information from each check to produce infographics that let you track your pulse rate over time. Further, to improve your monitoring, you can add labels and comments like "Just woke up," "Before bed," "Exercising," and "Pressing down." You can do myriad things with the pulse rate app and other applications in the phone. 

8. Compact First Aid Kit 

A phone is a veritable informational gold mine. It can focus on providing you with all the knowledge you need to do simple first aid procedures like applying a bandage or tying a bandage, and it can even assist with performing CPR. Accessible on your smartphone, software applications like Pocket First Aid and CPR are the ideal compact first aid package. What's superior? You can even store critical medical data for later use. 

9. Hydration Reminder 

It's crucial to maintain your hydration. But how many of us manage to hydrate ourselves sufficiently each day? You can utilize specialized water bottles that can be coupled with a fitness tracker to address this issue. The water bottles would track how much water you drink every day and how you can stay healthy. The application will save this information and occasionally remind you to drink water. 

Wrapping Up 

There are various hack uses for smartphones that can't be covered to suffice your queries in one blog. There are plenty of others on the list. Guess it's time to learn more about your smartphone if you are still unaware of all the practical and enjoyable activities it can perform. Happy navigation to you! 

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