7 Home Automated Systems Using Android

Smartphones are everywhere. Currently, over eighty percent of the world's population owns a smartphone. We are slowly moving towards a world where everything can be done with smartphones. 

One such step in this direction is home automation systems. Home automation systems enable us to control the various electronic devices and appliances with a single device. The smartphone has emerged as the most convenient and preferred device for this task.

Even in the smartphone space, Android has emerged as the preferred choice of operating system among users. There are over two and a half billion Android users across the globe. Thus, many home automated systems are designed to be controlled by Android devices. 

For example, Google wireless doorbells allow users to monitor their doors remotely. It sends them alerts when someone is at the door through video and motion detection.

Similarly, there are other home automated systems that rely upon and can be controlled by Android devices. Here is a look at some of them.

Smart Home Automation Systems That Use Android:

Home automated systems using Android can be used for various operations, creating the ultimate smart home. These systems make everyday living more convenient, comfortable, and secure. 

1. Automated Temperature Control Systems

Smart thermostats can be used to efficiently control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a home. Homeowners can create a daily schedule of the home temperature. The smart thermostat will automatically adjust the room temperature based on the schedule.

Moreover, smart thermostats have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows users to adjust the room temperature and control the thermostat remotely with an Android device.

Temperature control automated systems can intelligently adjust the room temperature by detecting many factors. These include the time of the day, the number of occupants, and the outside temperature.

2. Smart Automated Bathroom Systems

Home automated systems can be used to turn your ordinary bathroom into a smart bathroom. For example, you can use your Google Assistant to control various aspects while you get clean, enjoy, and relax.

You can adjust the shower water temperature or start and stop the water flow by using simple voice controls. This enhances convenience.

Similarly, you can change the ambient lighting or fire up your smart music system, adjust the volume, change songs, with voice commands, all while you relax in your clawfoot tub.

There are also smart toilets, smart mirrors, smart bathtubs, and smart faucets that add value to your existing bathroom and turn it into a smart bathroom.

3. Automated Home Security Systems

Automated home security systems let you track and safeguard your home remotely with an Android device. As mentioned earlier, there are wireless doorbells that allow homeowners to watch their doors remotely.

Similarly, there are smart locks that enable users to lock and unlock their homes remotely via an Android app. This helps improve convenience and security.

There are also smart home alarm systems that record activity in and around the house. They detect and notify users of any suspicious activity on their Android smartphones.

4. Smart Automated Lighting Systems

You can control the lighting system throughout the house using your Android smartphone with smart automated lighting systems. The lights can be controlled automatically and remotely through an Android app. This eliminates the need for wall switches.

Some of the benefits of using smart lighting systems are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Improved connectivity
  • Convenience

Moreover, smart lighting can automatically adjust the ambiance of the room based on the time of the day, the number of occupants, and other factors.

Philips Hue is a popular home lighting automated system, dominating half of the smart bulb market.

5. Smart Automated Garage Systems

Smart automated garage systems offer homeowners security and convenience. You can open or close the door remotely, even before you've turned the corner into your road, using an app on your Android smartphone.

Moreover, smart garages enhance security. Smart automated garage systems have built-in safety mechanisms. They prevent the risk of injury and damage to people and property.

You can also monitor your garage door with motion detection and video recording features. The system also sends automated alerts to homeowners if the door is left unlocked.

6. Smart Automated Lawn Care Systems

Lawn care is simplified significantly with automated lawn care systems. They provide complete lawn care solutions, from lawn mowing to lawn watering. They help cut human interaction in lawn maintenance activities.

For instance, automated robotic lawnmowers can be used to cut lawn grass. The robots move autonomously on their own, cutting grass as they move. The robots can also be controlled with an Android smartphone app with a joystick. Owners can also set a schedule and frequency for mowing, reducing human dependence.

Similarly, smart sprinkler systems can water your lawn and plants automatically while reducing water consumption. The system monitors the soil condition, temperature, humidity, plant water use, and other factors. Based on these analyses, they adjust the watering accordingly. They make sure that your lawn stays watered and fresh, no matter where you are.

7. Automated Smoke Detection Systems

Smoke detection automated systems add a layer of connectivity to one of the essential devices in your home. They automatically send an alert signal on the user's Android smartphone, whether they are at home or not. Thus, you can make improved decisions in case there is an emergency at home.

There are various smart smoke detectors in the market. But, the Google Nest Protect is the best smoke alarm you'll find. The device sends voice alerts to users on Android smartphones. It warns them about the room which is in danger by detecting slow and fast-burning fires.

Key Takeaways

Home automated systems using Android offer improved convenience and enhanced security. They can be used in every aspect of home functionality and provide both short-term and long-term rewards. As technology advances and becomes more affordable, we can see automated home systems penetrating deep into our daily lives. 

The systems will be able to perform more sophisticated tasks and further increase our convenience. We can expect to see at least one home automation system in every home soon. 

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