The Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle - Everything You Need to Know

Silicon Neuroma came in Destiny 2 as a special weapon that was meant to allow players to shoot opponents from long range, but they ended up being a little bit too good. In the weeks following launch, the weapon was nerfed a few times. The nerf changes that Bungie has made to the weapon have been so well-received that they made the weapon a bit more interesting in the interim. If you're curious to see what the nerf changes are, keep reading this post - we are going to share the most important info with you.

What Is Silicon Neuroma?

The Silicon Neuroma is a gun in Destiny 2 that uses special electrical ammunition. While some electrical ammo is used to shock players in combat, most of it is used to enhance weapons, allowing you to deal damage at long ranges or to heal yourself. The logic is pretty simple. Players find silicon and put it in the magazine of the Silicon Neuroma. When you pull the trigger, electricity goes into the gun, which in turn, fires the silicon into the enemies, dealing damage to them.

The Silicon Neuroma uses some of the same types of ammunition that have been seen in the previous Destiny games: Electrical Pulse, Pulse, and Electric Pulse. It also has a new trick up its sleeve: The Silicon Neuroma fires silicon projectiles, as well as electricity. At its core, The Silicon Neuroma is a shotgun, and the projectiles are just the shells.

The main difference is that the silicon has enhanced capabilities, like dealing damage to more enemies and repairing itself. Apart from that, the silicon is also explosive, meaning that once it impacts a target, it deals damage and bleeding. This makes it possible to deal damage at a much longer distance than you'd normally be able to with a shotgun. On top of that, it can also recharge faster. Does it sound exciting to you? Then it is time to think about ordering 2 Silicon Neuroma Carry Service to boost your win rate.

What Are the Nerf Changes to Silicon Neuroma?

The biggest nerf change to the Silicon Neuroma is that the weapon has now been limited to shooting once every five seconds instead of once every four seconds. The gun's recharge time has also been reduced from 6.5 to 4.5 seconds.

These changes are going to make it a little more tricky for players to use. They can shoot, let up for a moment, and then shoot again before the weapon is out of energy. This means that while you keeping the enemies stunned or even killing them with a single shot may be limited, the ability to fire again is not. A similar situation is present when you do your first hit when you're out of silicon.

You can also take some more shots at an enemy before the weapon is out of energy. This should lead to more damage being done when you're dealing with an enemy that's right next to you. But it's also going to be more difficult to deal damage with the weapon's energy management. Since the weapon can fire off an electrical blast for a long time, you can wait for a moment where the enemy is out of energy or even just not moving.

Silicon Neuroma's electrical damage is actually lessened as well. This means that you'll now have a much higher likelihood of the damage from your electrical ammo breaking through or being reflected. The Silicon Neuroma may have been too good, so Bungie decided to make some adjustments. With the nerfs, the weapon is meant to be a more fun and entertaining way to use the weapon. 

How Do the New Nerf Changes Affect the Silicon Neuroma?

The biggest nerf change is that the weapon now fires once every five seconds. This means that the rifle will have a lot less time to charge up between shots. The other nerf to the weapon is that the recharge time has been reduced to 4.5 seconds. That will make it a little more difficult to keep enemies stunned or even dead when you're using the weapon. You'll be able to do a lot of damage to enemies, but doing so will take longer.

That's not the only way that the nerf changes will affect the weapon. You'll also have a slightly lower likelihood of dealing electrical damage if you're using the weapon. The nerf to the damage will lead to the weapon dealing less damage, while the nerf to the recharge time will make the weapon a little harder to use.

Why Has the Recharge Time Been Changed to 4.5 Seconds?

When you look at the way that the weapon is designed, you're going to realize that it works best in a short burst. You're going to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time. This means that you'll be more likely to hit multiple enemies with your projectiles. The nerf changes are aimed at keeping this weapon from getting too strong.

The change to the recharge time was a nerf to the weapon. This means that it will be a little harder for you to keep enemies stunned or even to kill them with a single shot. The nerf also means that the weapon will fire more quickly but at a high cost. The weapon will now take a longer time to fire, which means that you won't be able to keep enemies stunned for as long as you wish. 

You're still going to be able to deal damage with the weapon, but you're going to have to learn how to do it effectively. When you do your first shot with the weapon, it's going to take you a little longer to recharge it. With your second shot, you might have the chance to deal way more damage. You might be even able to kill an enemy with just a single shot. You're going to have to be ready to shoot, though. You don't have to wait for the weapon to recharge again if you've killed an enemy. This makes the weapon a little bit more of a challenge. However, you will definitely need to learn to deal with the nerf changes in order to use the rifle to the max. 

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