A Complete Guide to Popular Phone Cases

More than 97% of Americans are walking around with a cell phone in their pocket, purse, or their hand. While most are confident in their ability to keep it in good condition, countless people will drop their phones and experience the woes of a cracked screen.

For those that don't pay exorbitant insurance fees, fixing a cracked screen can be a major expense. Luckily, there's a much more affordable option for preventing a screen break in the first place; phone cases.

It's surprising that more people don't use a phone case on their $1,000 smartphone. They work wonders to absorb shock, prevent scratches, and keep your screen from breaking. 

Wondering what the top phone case options are there? Keep reading below to discover your new phone case today. 


Are you extra clumsy? Some people are far more prone to dropping expensive electronics than others. 

Or maybe you aren't clumsy, but you work or play in rugged environments, like the outdoors or on construction sites.

If that's you, you need something that offers maximum protection. SUPCASE makes some of the most protective, shock-absorbing phone cases on the market today. 

Their protective case has won a drop test award as the case that protects phones from the highest drops. If you want a protective case that won't let you down, you need to give this a try.

Most extra durable cases tend to be big and bulky, becoming an inconvenience in your pocket. But these cases are still slim, comfortable to hold, and don't take up too much space.

Likewise, they aren't unfashionable. While they aren't the most minimal phone cases, they aren't too futuristic either, so you won't feel embarrassed showing them off at dinner. 

Oh, and we saved our favorite feature for last. The phone case from SUPCASE comes with a kickstand. You can also slide a ring or band through it to attach it to nearly anything you want to prevent your phone from falling in the first place. 

Moment Photo Case

Want to upgrade your photography skills while protecting your phone at the same time? Check out the Moment Photography Case.

The case is rubberized, absorbing shock when landing on hard surfaces. It disperses the tension and helps prevent breaks and cracks.

But the real draw of this case above others is that it has a built-in interface for attaching photography accessories. So you can easily add a lens to your phone camera for taking better pictures.

The case also allows you to enjoy wireless charging, making it super convenient for the home or workplace outfitted with smart technology

Numerous lenses and filters are available to help you get more creative with nothing but the phone in your pocket. 

Spigen Cases

Looking for a case that offers basic protection and a sleek look? Spigen cases are very popular for a reason.

They aren't the most durable cases on the market, so let's get that out there. But they look good. Most offer a very minimal aesthetic.

If you don't want black, then Spigen is a great choice, thanks to a wide variety of colors. Some are even clear, so it barely looks like a case is on your phone.

They are rubberized, and some come with grippy textures on the back to prevent slips. 

For people who don't drop their phones too often and don't spend time in rugged environments, the Spigen line of cases will likely be sufficient to protect your device. 


Another household name when it comes to phone cases is Otterbox. Style aside, they are known for their ultra-durable cases.

As such, they are often marketed to outdoorsy people or those who work in construction and other intense industries. Headed out for date night? You likely won't want this case on your phone.

While it offers maximum protection, it comes at a cost. These cases, although getting better, do come with added bulk and weight.

This means Otterbox cases aren't great for those who store their phones in a pocket. They are better suited to belt attachments where they won't cause discomfort or get stuck. 

Otterbox does have slimmer models, built for the city slicker who keeps their phone in their pockets. They look clean but are still a bit bulkier than other phone case brands. But for those who need ample protection and a minimal aesthetic, the Otterbox Symmetry is a worthy choice. 

Clckr Clear Stand

There's no doubt about it; stands on a phone case are extremely convenient. So the cases that come with built-in stands are quickly becoming the most popular.

The Clickr Clear Stand is exactly that. It's a minimal, rubber, clear phone case that you'll barely notice on your device. But on the back is a multi-position stand that also doubles as a loophole for your fingers.

That way, when you're holding your phone, it can rest against your fingers without the risk of drops. 

Bellroy Phone Cases

Don't you hate bringing your purse, backpack, or wallet with you everywhere you go? Don't you wish you can survive daily errands with nothing but your phone?

Well, you can, with the help of the Bellroy Phone Case. It has a secret compartment in the back, allowing you to store three cards, such as credit cards and your driver's license.

Plus, it offers one of the most thoughtful aesthetics, as this stylish case is minimal and made out of eco-tanned leather for maximum comfort. 

The upgraded version of the wallet offers a removable wallet. The wallet is affixed via strong magnets, which ensure it will never fall off. But the careful construction makes it easy to pull out a credit card with the swipe of your thumb.

If you like stylish, high-quality products that function well in your daily life, this case is hard to beat. 

Keep Your Phone Covered

Everyone who owns a cell phone should have a case on it. Cell phones are getting far more expensive and far costlier to fix once broken.

Do yourself a favor and buy one of these phone cases today, as prevention is the most affordable way to keep your phone in working condition.

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