How to Shop for a New Smartphone? - 6 Questions to Consider While Buying a New Phone

Nowadays, smartphones have become the most essential part of our everyday lives. We grab it every other second to order our favorite meal, call any acquaintance or to book a ride and what not. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to end up with a handheld device that annoys you. So buying a smartphone, that checks all boxes, is definitely a big time commitment.

Next, the chances are that you might get indulged in impulsive shopping and do not get a value for money for your new smartphone. Here, we have drafted 6 questions that you should pose to yourself before buying a new smartphone. Go ahead and land onto a best decision!

1. Why do I need to change my mobile?

It definitely seems like an obvious question to ask yourself. At first place, ask yourself that is my old phone not good enough or is it not serving the purpose? There are certain reasons for changing the mobile phones that you must evaluate from the very first step. For example, if you are unable to get the latest updates or you have been using your phone for quite a long time - your phone have started crashing and freezing. These could be some of the reasons to change a phone and you need to choose the one from thousands of handsets available in the market while keeping the essential features and requirements in mind.

2. How much am I willing to pay for a new smartphone?

Price consideration plays a vital role while purchasing a new phone. As a customer, you will be surrounded by many options of multiple features. These may include large full-screen displays, dual camera, speedy processor, high capacity RAM storage and battery timing. These cutting-edge features will be available in the some smartphones or the other. Not everyone is comfortable to pay hundreds of dollars on a mobile device. So, your priority should be the one which suits your budget requirements.

3. What is my first priority feature in the new phone?

We do not want to be stuck into a buying decision willy-nilly. We would like you to have an intelligent shopping of smartphone with desired features. Everyone has different priorities regarding favorite features and specs in a new smartphone. Some people like to have high pixels camera to capture memorable moments while on the other hand, some would go for long-lasting battery or high refresh rate display. Hence, it is important to have a clear focus about your favorite feature while purchasing a new phone. Better yet, make a list of desirable features and list them down in a priority order.
Following are some of the smartphone features that must be considered:
     High-Speed Processing
     Great MP Camera
     Wireless Charging
     5G Support
     Water Resistance
     Android 10 OS
     Big Display Screen
     More Storage Space
     Durable Battery

4. How can I access my old data?

Changing phones can be a painstaking process. This is due to the fact that your old phone carries your vital contacts, personal photographs, favorite messages, calendars, WhatsApp chats, and a lot more data which necessarily require quick accessibility. Thus, you will have two choices either backup your old data or transfer your data in a new phone. We’d, however, suggest to transfer data in a jiffy.  
     Sync Contacts & Backup Photos
Google drive provides complete and easy accessibility for synchronization of your contacts, photos, videos, calendars and other important data. It allows unlimited cloud-based storage for your photos and other types of data files.

     Transfer Your Data
Instant access to your old significant data is the first thing which you want to have on a new phone. Traditionally, people store data on different servers or cloud-based storage locations to access it at the time of requirement. There are certain handy and convenient data transfer or file sharing mobile applications that let you transfer any data type from one device to another within a few seconds. methods to transfer your content into a new phone.

5. What are the simple practices to setup my new phone?

     Reinstall all your favorite apps and social media accounts. It will increase the pleasure of using the new handset.
     Instead of going through the hassle of reinstalling all applications, what you can do is to download only one data transfer application that will move all your links of installed apps.
     You can also explore all the settings and set your ringtone wallpapers and alerts according to your choice.

6. How can I ensure the safety of my new smartphone?

Protection of your new phone from physical damage as well as damage to the data stored in it is very crucial. A new smartphone requires the utmost care while using it because the damage can be expensive and may not be affordable. To avoid any damage, you can:
     Buy an Insurance Plan
     Buy a Protective Case
     Configure Your Accounts
     Check your compatibility of old accessories with the new device

Final Words

With up-to-date features, a new phone brings a lot of excitement as well as convenience. Switching from one device to another is always thrilling. But, what if you have decided to take a bold step to go from Android to iPhone or vice versa? Well, that can be daunting, too. In whatever situation you are in, it is important to choose and use your new phone wisely. Sit in peace and retrospect and then make a final decision. Just a heads u! Be careful while discarding your previous handset and smartly backup/transfer your contents to the new phone.

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