Top 5 Free & Powerful File Sharing Apps for Android

best free file sharing apps

It is the age of the internet where almost every aspect of our life is captured digitally. We have lots of stuff on our fingertips and in the palm of our hands. Be it documents, contacts, pictures, videos, music files, and more; we either tend to store them on our mobile devices or any cloud storage service.

Regardless of you being a student, a homebody or from working league; chances are that you might be struggling to share files at some point in time. Transferring massive files or data - anytime, anywhere, has become the norm these days. Though, it is a painstaking process, but using the same old methods such as floppy disks or CDs would be an 8th deadly sins. 

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After our robust research, we have overhauled 5 of the free and finest file sharing apps that will serve the job well for you and deserve a place on your phone. Let’s get started!

1.  Xender File Sharing App

Xender file sharing app

Xender is a fast and cross-platform data transfer app. It is a mainstay file sharing app with the convenience of sharing data across Android, iOS, and Windows PC / MAC without the usage of mobile data. It has an additional feature of migrating data through the browser where the receiving party doesn't require the application. Xender app transfers photos, videos, music, documents and even apps at a brilliant speed. The most dominant feature of this app is that it is not bloated with display ads and in-app purchases. Xender is free, speedy and user-friendly.

Download Xender

2. Sweech - Wifi File Transfer

Sweech file transfer app

Sweech is a great way to transfer files between your PC, tablet and mobile phones via an IP address. Its interface is simple and appealing. This file sharing app is compatible with any device and works well for both Android and iOS platforms. There is no need to install the app on each device. Just launch the Sweech app on your mobile phone and share your desired content types via URL. Sweech lets you share selective files with shortened URLs without providing access to the rest of the mobile content. This is somewhat an unpopular app but it is definitely worth-checking out for you.

Download Sweech

3. My SmartIO - Data Transfer App

My SmartIO - Data Transfer App is an absolutely free and versatile app that enables its users to move any type of content in any format within seconds. Available across platforms, My SmartIO seamlessly migrates your data, provided that both devices must have this app for any content types to be transferred. The best feature is that you don’t really need an internet connection to transfer files or data. This data transfer app is super-secure and has a clean layout that makes it easy-to-use.

Download My SmartIO

4. Copy My Data

Another free data or file transfer app on our list is Copy My Data. Its features are quite the same as that of My SmartIO, but what makes it slightly different than My SmartIO and the rest of the file sharing apps is that bada bing bada boom layout. It lets you copy massive files and calendars, contacts, photos and videos without the need of any wires, cables or PC. The controls are easy to handle and UI works without any fuss. Copy my data is free to download, with some ads on board. But, you can get rid of them by teeny weeny in-app purchases.

Download Copy My Data

5. Transfer - Share & Change Phone

free file sharing app

As a horrible mention, this is not the best data transfer app but it is still pretty functional and efficient to some extent.

As its name implies, this app is suitable to clone your data from one phone to the other. It supports 9 types of data such as contacts, call logs, SMS, pictures, audio, video, documents and even apps. It is available in more than 30 languages. Apparently, the app is one-of-its kind as it helps you to move SMS and applications, which is extremely rare feature of data transfer apps. But, the app needs serious fixing and updates as its user reviews are not so satisfactory.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones, computers, applications and other gadgets have proliferated and progressively dug into our everyday lives. We need to get everything on our devices wherever we go! To cut to the chase, it means that file sharing and data transfer apps are among the must-have apps.
Here we have accumulated the best and free file sharing apps for your needs. With our brief round-up, we believe it is easy to jump on the boat right away. So, which one do you prefer from the above list? Let us know! :)

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