FastestVPN Review - Is This The Robust VPN You Need?

Modern internet is surrounded by numerous security issues that are a big concern and pose a challenge. Gone are the days when there were not multiple internet technologies that have opened ways lately for several hacking techniques. 

With the rising cases of cyberattacks, no one is safe on the internet without using a robust VPN that promises premium privacy features to provide a safe and secure virtual network. 

FastestVPN has become the talk of the town since it has been leading the market for the last four years. Popular for its intact privacy features and reliable networks, FastestVPN has a decent number of users and user reviews that made up my mind to give it a try. 

However, here I am, inspired by its privacy protocols– sharing my user voyage and the features that attracted me to fluctuate from a trial basis to a regular user of this Virtual Private Network. Let's move forward and gain insight into the next-level functionality and encryption of FastestVPN.  

Why do you need FastestVPN? 

Let's get started with the essential question – why does one need FastestVPN? The Internet is not a trustworthy place with lots of unreliable factors such as free WiFi that grabs your attention by the only charm that is free of cost connectivity. However, you might need to know that you would rather want to pay an amount for a quality VPN server than end up losing your sensitive data in the hands of hideous internet criminals. 

With high-quality security servers and a robust network, FastestVPN serves its consumers with features like fast speed and powerful security features that make this VPN stand out incredibly. 

To get acquainted with the amazing features of the FastestVPN, read further.

Premium Security Features 

Have you ever heard the term internet browsing without limitations? Yes, FastestVPN allows its users unlimited freedom. Restricting yourself using the internet doesn't sound cool when there is plenty of entertaining media content and what not to satisfy your media consumption desires. Hence, I am listing the worth-exploring premium security features below that FastestVPN offers.

Unblock Geo-restricted media 

What kind of a media admirer doesn't yearn to stream a plethora of diverse media content. But wait for a second! You are geographically restricted from consuming your favorite media content. Fret not, since FastestVPN’s best feature includes unblocking geo-fenced content for its users. 

Whether it is a regionally restricted media streaming app or the immediate news you want to watch– connecting through FastestVPN, you can choose any server of your choice to get connected to the country content you want to stream within your comfort zone. 


Malicious software attacks have horrible consequences and can damage your sensitive data to an unretrievable extent. An anti-malware feature connects automatically when you start using FastestVPN. It supports the user device with an extra layer of security that takes care of the suspicious malware attacks and blocks their access before attacking your system. 

Compatibility with numerous Devices 

FastestVPN servers are compatible with 20 above devices, including the most demanding ones Roku, Kodi, PS4, and Xbox. As a media fan, people love to watch content on multiple devices, and what's better than a VPN that connects with each of them without any effort. 

Furthermore, FastestVPN servers are also running smoothly with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. 

Internet Kill-Switch 

FastestVPN’s internet kill-switch facility provides users with the essential feature if they are aware of its importance. To protect user identity from leaking out when unfortunate events like VPN disconnectivity happen. The function immediately disables internet connection to protect activities from leaking out.


Unwanted ads are annoying and irritate the user while streaming a favorite show. FastestVPN cares about its users to provide them with a feature called Ad-blocker that is enabled by default on all servers. Connecting to FastestVPN servers never lets you become the advertisers' target since it blocks ads. 

DNS Leak Protection 

DNS leak protection facilitates the user with the safety of their IP address. Government agencies and ISPs keep track of user activities, and that way, they often sell user browsing histories to the advertisers for revenue. 

FastestVPN’s built-in DNS-Leak Protection shields your IP address with a robust mask to never let your IP address gets exposed while connected to the VPN server.

Pricing and Premium Subscription 

FastestVPN doesn't only promise privacy and security but takes care of affordable pricing too. Here are three premium packages to subscribe to as per your ease: 

  • $10 per month (1-Month Plan)
  • $29.95 annually (1 Year plan)
  • $39.95 triennially (3 Year Plan) 

Furthermore, FastestVPN is running a fantastic offer in which they are providing private cloud storage and a password manager free of cost with every subscription.

Seamless Streaming on Multiple Apps 

A quality VPN always facilitates its users with seamless streaming on different devices without any hassle. FastestVPN is already following this formula. The robust connectivity servers run smoothly on popular media streaming sites and applications such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other entertainment apps. 

FastestVPN has a dedicated server for streaming USA and UK content with ease.

Robust Servers 

FastestVPN is operating 600+ servers in 50+ countries and 60+ locations. With this many servers, you can switch between as many servers as you want to stream your favorite media content. 

Moreover, while traveling, users can always rely on FastestVPN servers to access content from back home.

Over and above that, FasestVPN users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth without intrusiveness from ISPs since with premium VPN servers, no one can spy on your digital movements. It is the time to catch up on your time-hallowed classics or horror shows of your desire, during traveling or at the weekends. 

Final Verdict 

Before getting to know FastestVPN, I was always in never-ending skeptical chaos while using the internet since I was well aware of the dangerous internet hacks. I never met the trust satisfaction, whether to connect unsafe web browsers or use that public WiFi in my favorite coffee shop. 

Reading many customer-satisfied reviews and checking their convenient packages, with amazing offers, I made up my mind to use this VPN for my different media consumption priorities. Thankfully, it turned out to be the one I was yearning for. 

Nevertheless, cutting to the chase, it is a premium package that delivers on all fronts.

Being online never comes without dangerous circumstances since cybercriminals are always waiting to attack. Get a VPN like FastestVPN that provides privacy and security on the internet. 

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