Why AWS is Best Cloud Service for Start-ups and Enterprises

Today we have so many cloud service providers but still, when it comes to the term "Cloud", AWS leads the list. And that also makes it best for start-ups and enterprises. Have you ever thought about why AWS is so famous? If not then let’s have an in-depth discussion about the same for better understanding. 

If I say cloud computing is one of the best inventions ever happened, no one will oppose it because it has helped start-ups and small businesses at a tremendous level by solving various problems that they face during the initial stages. To be frank, not just small businesses but also enterprises got huge help by using AWS Cloud Computing to get their work done.

Cloud computing has been the silent partner of businesses for decades and businesses are loving to use it because it helps them work efficiently in every scenario. It has streamlined businesses at such a level that so many companies today rely on Cloud computing. Since we are talking about AWS being the best, let's discuss the same.

Now, AWS doesn’t need any introduction, but still here is a quick one. Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is formed from combining various cloud computing products and services. It offers highly effective servers, storage, networking services, remote computing services, email, mobile app development, and security. AWS is commonly divided into three major products: EC2, an Amazon’s virtual machine service which helps businesses to use hardware without even paying for the whole setup, Glacier, a low-cost cloud storage service that helps start-ups and businesses to store their valuable data without worrying about the intrusion and data leakage. And the last one S3, Amazon’s storage system for Companies that need a large amount of storage capacity.

AWS is so generous present inside the computing world that it has now outpaced its rivals. As of the initial quarter of 2021, one independent analyst reports AWS has achieved 3rd of the market at 32.4%, with Azure chasing at 20%, and Google Cloud at 9%.

Benefits of Using AWS for start-ups and business:

1. One of the measurable benefits of using AWS is that you don’t need to invest anything to get started. You only have to pay in case you are using any products or services. When we start a business, we have to invest in several things and at that time investing money to create infrastructure is expensive. So in that situation, AWS is the best option for your business where you can enjoy a cost-friendly infrastructure as well as enjoy an excellent hosting solution by amazon. You will only pay for the services you are using.

2. Tech Giants like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc have their own data center where they can decide and operate when to increase the capacity of their servers when to decrease and they also deploy the finest software for their service or products. Similarly, while utilizing AWS you can think of competing with big companies utilizing the finest infrastructure offered by AWS or Amazon Web Services. If you don’t know how to use AWS, simply contact AWS consulting companies such as eComStreet, they are AWS experts.

3. When it comes to websites, the only thing that comes into our mind is servers because a bad server can destroy your whole business, irrespective of how refined your products and services are. If your server is not ready for the traffic, your business is going to face a huge loss. So, AWS is no doubt the best option to go for because they also have their server in almost every country. 

4. Another big reason that makes AWS best is its practice to gain users' trust. It is adapting every possible solution for their clients. They have earned the trust by working towards security and as well as flexibility. Everyone at AWS believes in transparency so they don't hide things from their users.

You are the only one who can control who is going to have read or write access for your data stored with AWS. Even without your permission, no one can access your data. Utilizing AWS regions you can control where your data is being saved. You can select the regions according to your own requirements. No one at AWS can access your data except you and the person who has the access. AWS has made it so simple to encrypt the information in transit so that you can rest easily. If you are new to Amazon Web Services, simply hire someone who is an AWS expert to carry out your AWS setup.

Final words:

In 2022, if you own a business then you must focus on utilizing AWS because if your online presence is not up to the mark then you can face losses in your business. And if you don’t know how to use these features then you must get assistance from AWS professional service providers. As a professional, they analyze your business then suggest you the best according to your needs. And not just that, AWS development consulting companies are available in every nation so you don’t need to worry if you ever get stuck. 

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