Big-Name Companies That Rely on AWS for Their Cloud Provisioning Services

Mention the brand, Amazon, and most people think only of its massive e-commerce retail operations. However, the Amazon of 2021 is a considerably more complex firm with interests in many different industries ranging from media production to device production and, increasingly, cloud provision services.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm of the company has grown to become the most popular cloud computing platform in the world with a market share of around 32-33% (2019), eclipsing nearest rivals Microsoft (16%) and Google (8%). 

AWS now powers some of the most well-known and influential companies in the world. By leveraging the power of AWS (alongside staff trained with AWS certified sysops administrator qualifications), these industry titans can take full advantage of the speed, scalability and storage offered by the platform. 

Industry leaders you possibly didn’t know rely on AWS

In 2019, the AWS division of Amazon was one of the fastest-growing arms of the firm, reporting a 37% growth through the year. As companies increasingly come to recognize the benefits of cloud computing and storage, this number will surely only keep growing. 

While AWS is used by companies of all sizes around the world, here are just a few of the bigger-name firms you possibly were not aware relied on the service.

Adobe: Adobe is perhaps most famous for its Photoshop software however the company also offers multiple other design and video products including Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects (among many others). Founded in 1982, the firm is now worth around $11 billion and, in recent years, has been moving its services increasingly online to a subscription model (partly to discourage software piracy). Using AWS, Adobe can offer its users a multi-terabyte operational environment and storage facilities. 

Disney: The world has changed considerably since Disney first started operating back in 1923. Now the company relies on AWS for everything from organizing 100 years of media to the day-to-day running of its resorts. Also, as Disney moves increasingly into the world of streaming content, AWS has become an invaluable tool for serving its users. 

McDonald’s: The iconic McDonald’s brand has undergone a transformation in recent years – not only attempting to modernize its branding but also how its customers engage with the company. From mobile apps to digital menu boards and ordering systems, AWS has helped McDonald’s revolutionize and streamline its processes to become even more profitable (the firm is currently worth an estimated $21 billion).

Netflix: Netflix was founded in 1997, but in that short time has managed to generate astounding user numbers (estimated at almost 200 million globally). In 2016, the company took the bold decision to move its entire operations to the cloud and now relies on AWS for pretty much everything it does. AWS is responsible for all sides of the firm - from analytics to performing the transcoding of video and making user recommendations. 

Airbnb: It could be argued the youngest company in this list (Airbnb started in 2008) was also the most progressive in terms of integrating with cloud services. The popularity of Airbnb grew incredibly quickly, necessitating the firm to scale up quickly and on-demand. With a revenue of around $2 billion annually and more than 150 million users in 191 countries around the world, the firm now relies on AWS to run its web-based business. 

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