Most Sought-After Live Streaming Platforms in 2022

One term that has gained immense popularity in recent times is live-streaming platforms. They are the web solutions that enable the users to deliver their content to the audience in real-time. 

Given the popularity of live streaming platforms, here we have curated a list of the best options you can get your hands on to host a successful live streaming event. 


The first name that has made it to the top of the best live streaming platforms is Dreamcast, and due to all obvious reasons. It is an expert platform that comes with some out-of-box features that compel the organizers to get their hands on this platform. Let us have a look at all the features that enable Dreamcast to deliver top-notch event experiences every time. 

  • It is a fully customizable virtual event platform that allows the organizers to design their live streaming according to their brand requirements and objectives. 
  • The audience engagement tools that come with the platform allow the organizers to keep the attendees engaged during the live stream and make the entire experience fun for them. 
  • With its 360-degree live streaming features, the attendees get an immersive live streaming experience with a closer-to-real look. 
  • It comes with advanced networking capabilities that let the audience connect with each other and expand their networks. 
  • Along with the above-mentioned features, Dreamcast offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to access the live streaming without any hassle. 
  • Dreamcast is a multi-device compatible platform, enabling users to tap on a wider range of audiences and enhance their brand reach. 

Facebook Live

With Facebook Live, the users get to share content with their friends, followers, and many others in real-time. Since Facebook is a renowned platform, many users prefer it to conduct their live streams. Owing to the ease this platform comes with, many brands and organizations as well as celebrities use it to connect with their audience. Let us have a look at what this platform provides that makes it the top preference of many. 

  • The hosts can interact with their followers through the live comment box. It is also a great way to know instant feedback and reviews of the audience during the live stream. 
  • One captivating feature of this platform is the moment you start your stream, your audience will get a notification so that they don't miss out on the session. 
  • Another benefit of this platform- it is free of cost, making it one of the best available options for small to mid-scale organizations. 

Instagram Live

Instagram is another popular platform that allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. With its engaging features, this platform gets a place in the list of the most sought-after live streaming platforms. Let us have a look at the top features of this platform:

  • Instagram live is available free of cost, which means you can use it to conduct live streams whenever you want without having to worry about the prices. 
  • You can invite your friends and collaborate with influencers and well-known faces and invite them over to join the live. This feature allows you to boost your audience attendance rate and enhance your brand reach. 
  • You can use different filters to make the live session more fun. Also, you can use the question feature to ask your attendees to drop in questions which you can reciprocate during the live session. 


Dacast is a full-fledged live streaming platform that has over time left its mark in the global virtual event industry. You can host life-size live streaming events along with opportunities to monetize your event. Below given are the key features of this platform. Have a look: 

  • It is a secure solution with comprehensive event management enabling the organizers to execute their plans effortlessly.
  • Dacast provides its users with 24/7 technical support, along with email and live chat access. 
  • It provides the users with features to get an insight into the in-event analytics, allowing them to keep a track of the attendees’ activities. It provides an excellent opportunity for the users to analyze their strategies and measure the success of their live stream. 

Vimeo Livestream

Next name that is considered as one of the best live streaming platforms is Vimeo Streaming. It comes with several compelling features that let the users conduct live stream events hassle-free. Let us have a look at the most compelling features that this platform provides to the users. 

  • It is a secure platform allowing the organizers to host live streams without having to worry about online breaches and threats. 
  • In its premium plan, the users get features like live analytics, reliable management, privacy controls, and many other interesting features. 
  • One interesting feature about this platform is you won’t be interrupted by ads during the live streaming. 
  • The organizers get detailed analytics, making it easier for them to calculate the success of their live streaming event. 


Brightcove is known as one of the oldest online video streaming platforms in the virtual event world. Live streaming is one of the advanced dynamics Brightcove deals in. Let us look at the features Brightcove provides making it one of the most preferred streaming platforms: 

  • Its event analytics and video marketing tools help the organizers to understand their audience better, and enhance their brand reach. 
  • With its custom-priced plans, the users get high-end security tools that make it completely safe from security threats and online breaches. 
  • The organizers get the option to monetize their live stream in the custom-priced plans. 

IBM Cloud Video

Next on the list, IBM Cloud Video assures its users the best execution of their plans. It provides the organizers with advanced features that enable them to host live stream events seamlessly. Let us go through the most promising features of this platform: 

  • The basic model of this platform is free of cost and comes with advertising supporting IBM Cloud Video. 
  • The organizers get the opportunity to monetize their live streams with this platform. 
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the attendees to access the live stream. 

We hope you find the blog helpful. You can use any of the above-mentioned platforms to stream your next event live. 

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