The 6 Award-Winning HR Platforms To Know In 2023

The Importance Of Embracing HR Software

In the digital world we find ourselves in, embracing automation is no longer a choice but a need. The speed that technology is positively impacting companies is quite too fast, yet there is hardly any choice left for the companies. That’s precisely the state of embracing HR technology. Moreover, engaging the new and tech-savvy workforce, HR software is the need of time. And it offers the following benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Drastically reduces the recurring costs
  • Automates the dreadful tasks
  • Contributes to error-free processes
  • Enhances employee engagement
  • Contributes to better productivity
  • Adds value to the company’s competitive edge

And so on. Therefore, if you are yet to make a choice and wondering if you should adapt to the technology or not, do not delay any more. It’s high time already. Embrace the technology to experience the best outcome and a positive change in the work atmosphere.

A Gist Of The Best Options Available

Well, the concern of embracing technology for HR activities does not end in just making the choice of adaption. The most crucial part is to make the right choice of software. Due to the tremendous growth of technology, the opportunity to innovate is high. This has resulted in the increase of options in HR software. As the options increase, the possibility of making a choice becomes tricky. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the quality software available in the market. To help you understand better, here is a list of software from which you can make a better choice.


JazzHR is an efficient and user-friendly recruiting software that’s designed to help to improve the quality of hiring of emerging businesses. Its best-in-class solution is a perfect replacement for the manual and time-consuming tasks of hiring. JazzHR empowers HR managers to hire the right talent effectively and efficiently.  

Understanding the unique needs of companies starting from seasonal hires to franchised locations, JazzHR provides the absolute solution according to the needs. Its scalability and adaptability not just streamline the hiring process but also enhance the company’s hiring by simplifying the recruitment schedules, branding, including the candidate’s background check. All these are integrated with the system and thus benefit the candidates as well as the managers.

However, including recruitment, JazzHR contributes to huge support in assisting the company in helping the candidates onboard. This way, the company can relieve itself from stress. Such amazing function of the software has won many recognition. Some of them include its recognition for Growth and Customer Service Excellence in 2021- Stevie Awards, Ease of Use, and Overall Satisfaction in G2 Spring 2021 Reports. Added to this, JazzHR is listed as the Leading ATS in TrustRadius 2021 Top Rated Awards, as well as listed as one of the Top 5 Talent Acquisition Vendors by OnCon.


Sapling is specialized software for onboarding new recruits that assists more than 1000 companies. It contributes to enhanced employee experience right from day one. Sapling helps companies and their teams to manage the complex tasks concerning the scattered workforce. It does so by enabling the visibility and automation of the processes along with providing an excellent user experience for the entire team.

Apart from the engaging experience, Sapling also contributes to streamlining the repeated tasks, tracking right from onboarding to offboarding with ease, etc. Sapling seamlessly integrates with all the already existing devices and applications domestically as well as internationally. The integration includes HR, IT, and Finances systems, with definitely no compromising. Moreover, it leverages the best-of-breed platforms that the team needs in order to succeed. 

For the unique features that Sapling has been offering for the business’s betterment, it has won 7 remarkable awards. The awards are based on criteria such as customer satisfaction, average rating, etc. Some of these awards include a Leader in Onboarding Software, A momentum leader in Core HR Software, A high-performer in the Mid-Market for Core HR software, A high-performer in the Enterprise-Market for Onboarding Software, A high-performer in the Mid-Market for Onboarding Software, and so on. 


factoHR is an all-in-one HR software for your workforce’s management. It is particularly designed to meet the demands of the new generation with all the required technologies. Its modules include-

  • A comprehensive HR solution
  • An extensive recruitment solution with ATS
  • An entire platform to help your new joiners onboard
  • Perfect attendance management with the most technologies for data authenticity
  • A complete payroll software including compliance handling
  • Performance management system based on perfectly created OKRs
  • Handles all your retirement benefit solutions on a single platform
  • An all-inclusive mobile solution for the workforce

Enhanced with the features mentioned above, factoHR is a perfect plug-n-play solution for anyone looking for extraordinary assistance for their overall HR management. Its assistance ensures the HR, payroll, and retirement benefits’ smooth workflow and error-free calculation. Thus, regardless of the size or nature of the business, factoHR would be the right fit and a perfect solution partner that contributes to improved productivity and engagement among the workforce. 

factoHR’s best solutions are deployed and trusted by more than 1500+ companies, with 1.5 million+ employees onboard. The perfectness of the solution has led factoHR to win “The Best HR Software” award for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, from the World HRD Congress. In addition, its excellent solutions were highly recognized and thus won other awards too — namely the ‘Happiest User Award’ and ‘Best HR Software Award’ from TechPlus. 


Vantage Circle is an absolute and comprehensive tool that specifically handles recognizing the employees at the workplace for their performance. It believes in celebrating the accomplishments of the company’s workforce. Vantage circle automates and simplifies the process of identifying and recognizing the workforce with its easy-to-use and customizable cloud-based solution. 

The software’s distinguishing features include instant recognition, multilingual set-up, instant recognition, as well as an advanced mobile solution. Vantage Circle’s platform, known for its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and customization, streamlines the company’s efforts to meet its goals.  Are you wondering how? Well, Vantage Circle has customizable segments for budgeting and its allocation, the redemption of the rewards, assists in peer-to-peer recognition, and so on.

In addition to the mentioned features, Vantage circle enables excellent integration with any of your existing HCM/HRIS systems and simplifies onboard with the help of Single-Sign-On technology. Having recognized the well-designed and efficient solutions of vantage Circle, it was twice awarded “The Great Experience Award.” The award gave significant recognition for the solution’s comprehensive employee engagement platform, which is the primary highlight of the review for the award. Another added benefit of this solution is its providence of health and wellness application that helps companies achieve and maintain happy well-being through innovative and healthy competitions. 


Freshteam is another innovative HR software that drastically contributes to the business’s growth. Right from managing the hiring, followed by onboarding, time-off, employee information, and other related HR workflows, Freshteam handles everything on one platform. Its important modules include the applicant tracking system, onboarding, employee database, time-off management, etc. 

It is one of the best software that involves 24x7 free chat, emails, and instant call support that’s rarely found in the market. It has gained significant recognition for its services offered, namely, Crozdesk Award for Applicant Tracking Leader of 2020, Finances Online Expert Choice Award for 2019, G2 Spring Leader Award for 2020, Software Suggest Award for the Highest Quality Software of Summer' 2019.

The software assists the companies in finding and conducting a streamlined hiring process, contributes to connecting and engaging the new hires, organizing all the data of the workforce, including safeguarding their documents, as well as tracking, approving, and reporting time-offs with ease.   

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a modernized recruitment software that engages the modern workforce. Its end-to-end recruiting software helps in attracting and hiring the best talents, but with relatively fewer efforts compared to the traditional methods. Because, building a great team is quite challenging, yet it is on the team that the company’s future lies in. And that is where Breezy HR plays could play a key role in enhancing your team and, thereby, by the business, right from the beginning. 

This is possible as the software provides an opportunity for both the management and the team to empower, build, as well as optimize the hiring practices, despite the size of the business. Breezy HR’s major contributions are witnessed in reporting, managing the candidates, automating emails or SMSs for scheduling, enabling and posting advertisements, the portal for candidates, enhancing team collaboration, etc. 

For the excellent service and support provided by Breezy HR, the software is recognized with many awards. And these include the Get App Category Leader Award, High Performer Award, Trust Radius Top Rated Award Badge, Capterra Most User-Friendly ATS Software Award Badge. Gartner states that Breezy HR is one of the most highly rated HR and Applicant Tracking products in the satisfaction of the customers. In addition, Capterra mentioned that Breezy HR provides12 of the 12 best and most valued features for streamlining the HR processes. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Having discovered the top and award-winning HR software, it’s high time to enhance your organization with one. However, the choice has to be well discerned so as to meet all the needs of the company and that which is feasible for the smooth flow workflow. Because the choice may evidently be influenced by the company’s nature, size, cost factor, and so on. Therefore, make a choice right along with considerable discernment that will contribute to the overall success of the company. 

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