How AI can Bring Revolution to Data Management Throughout Business Operations?

Humans can do everything AI does, but the primary benefit of AI is speed, consistency, and accuracy. AI enhances what humans can do by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks and making sure these tasks are executed with consistency. 

AI is a promising contender in the race of technology and helps a business improve their processes. There is an increase in the use of this technology day by day due to the advancements and needs of the market. 

AI market revenue growth: 2018-2025

The increasing presence of AI and ML-based tools and solutions transforms each industry and segment like never before. 

Here is how big the impact is on various industries:

1. Cybersecurity and Network Infrastructure:

69% of IT executives have confessed that it is impossible to respond to cybersecurity threats without AI. 

AI is improving the efficiency of Cybersecurity analysts. Cybersecurity experts can automate the process of threat detection and do an analysis of the network for vulnerabilities by using AI-powered tools and techniques. 

AI can learn from past events using Advanced reasoning within modern enterprises. More and more companies are using AI for cyber-surveillance and early response to vulnerabilities and hacks and transform the entire cybersecurity landscape. 

2. Logistics:

With improvement in transportation operations efficiency, the logistics industry is gaining advantages of AI technology. Intelligent logistics management systems, smart warehousing solutions, and many more such technologies are being infused with AI in conventional business operations.

One of the best examples of this would be self-driving cars. Uber, Google, and many more are trying for a perfect smart driving automation system for use on actual roads. Smart driving has chances to reduce accidents once the technology matures to a certain extent. 

Optimization of traffic flow on roads and optimizing public transport schedule time will also be seen being done by AI.

3. Manufacturing:

Automation is turning into reality in the manufacturing segment, and it’s all thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, factories could run on smart network robots completing most hazardous tasks. This would improve productivity and reduce the chances of the accident led by human intervention. 

There will be a total revamp in the manufacturing industry with the coming of AI-driven collaborative robots. Robots will be working with humans resulting in an increase in safety standards and improvement in the bottom-line for the factories. A study reveals that the collaborative robotics market will exceed $1 billion soon.

4. Healthcare:

Because of the data management and analytics capacity, healthcare delivery to patients can be improved by AI. ML helps caregivers detect differences and patterns within a large group and help improve the state of preparation. 

The data analytics capacity is one of the best insinuations of AI in healthcare. Healthcare establishments have a large number of data associated with patients and using AI; meaning can be derived from the stored data finding patterns and improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment. 

5. Construction:

There is a lot to benefit from AI for the construction industry. Architectural and construction models can be analyzed, and loopholes can be identified by using AI. Also, cost reduction, minimal wastage of material, improvement in work, etc., points can be taken care of efficiently.

6. Senior care:

AI is improvising the senior care processes making it easier to track the health of the elderly. AI-based tools can be used to monitor the health of the senior constantly and raise a red flag in any emergency case automatically. AI will be able to replace obsolete technologies prone to inconsistencies as it is full-proof and zero-error technology. 

7. Retail and eCommerce:

Retain and the eCommerce industry has phenomenal growth potential in the future. These segments can provide the best shopping experiences by including AI-based tools and technologies. The big retail and eCommerce companies have started taking advantage of AI and ML for providing customized shopping recommendations.  AI is changing the way eCommerce sites serve the existing customers their potential, and retail stores have been finding ways to integrate AI-based solutions in stores for customer satisfaction in the best way possible.

8. Business Intelligence:

Enterprises have started taking advantage of huge data to make data-driven decisions across the department. HR, production, sales, marketing, everyone has started using AI-powered intelligent solutions for improving business operations. Business Intelligence is evolving to improve customer servicing, product development, and target marketing due to AI.

9. City planning and administration:

Using AI in city planning, development and administration can bring proficiencies to the whole of urban infrastructure development design. Gathering and analysis of useful insights so that it can be helpful for the administrators in understanding what residents want from the city as in the facilities, transport, utilities, etc. All this can be done with the use of AI.

10. Banking and finance:

AI-based chatbots can be seen in the customer service segment and market analysis sector to provide personalized investment recommendations. AI is known to analyze large amounts of data easily, which helps banking and investment operations. And AI will be seen managing a significant portion of wealth in the next 5 years. 

11. Education:

AI can assist the teachers with creating personalized learning programs and improving the curriculum based on the potential and ability of the students. AI-based tools help in the improvement of learning, preparation, capability, and analysis of students by keeping track of performance patterns and recommending future corrective courses of action.

12. Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain management will see positive disruption due to AI as the general processes improve and future tasks and situations will be predicted. This will aid risk management and bring the cost of SCM down.

Chances of error due to human biases can be reduced in the supply chain management ecosystem by making data-driven decisions. And this can improve the whole supply chain operation in the long run. 


These are some of the ways AI is affecting industries. Microsoft Custom AI software has been developed for various processes in various industries. Various artificial intelligence consulting comapnies can help you with your customized AI solutions for your company. 

AI technology can improve the functioning of your solutions and add an edge to your business processes. Even the most straightforward application like Chatbot can make your work easy and solve similar queries all day long. This can help you with customer queries and help your customer care concentrate on more important concerns. Artificial Intelligence Solutions providing companies can help you with this kind of customized tech solution for your company’s needs. These consulting services providing companies are intended to help you achieve your goals and provide all services and solutions you need to do so. 

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