What Exactly Is A Cloud Architect And Its Future Scope?

Cloud strategies are becoming increasingly complex and vital. And to ensure that these strategies are properly implemented, organizations need cloud architects. A cloud architect can ensure a cost-effective and successful transition to the cloud and help organizations avoid risk. If you want to work as a cloud architect, read on to learn about what exactly is the job of a cloud architect, how you can become one, and what is its future scope.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is a professional who manages the cloud computing architecture, especially the increasingly complex cloud technologies. The cloud computing architecture includes everything that is involved with cloud computing such as front-end platforms, networks, delivery, storage, and servers required for managing cloud storage. There are many companies using cloud computing technology for ease of volume like storing data without being lost or any leak for a long time.

The increased use of cloud-based technology, broad scope in cloud architecture, and competitive salary have made a lot of people interested in the role of a cloud architect. However, it is important to note that this is not an easy job that anyone can perform. To become one, you will have to put in a lot of dedication and hard work along with pursuing cloud architecture courses

What are the requirements to become a Cloud Architect?

To build a cloud architecture, you need to achieve a fine balance between deep technical knowledge in the cloud and art. That is why it is recommended that you gain some experience in cloud computing before working as a cloud architect. Once you have worked with the nuances of cloud computing, you will be able to provide a solution that satisfies all the requirements of the organization. Here are some things that you must know to be a cloud architect:

  • An in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of cloud computing along with its advantages and disadvantages. It will help you create the design and avoid potential errors. 
  • In-depth knowledge of the options as well as limitations of cloud services because you will be developing and coordinating the organization’s cloud architecture. This includes laying the requirements, business needs, compliance restrictions, challenges, and eventually finishing the architecture.
  • Communication skills because the problems you will be given won’t necessarily be strictly technical or require technical solutions. You should be able to listen and understand the requirements of the organization and apply them to your problem-solving.

When you are working as a cloud architect, you will be the advocate for the adoption of cloud technology. Your solutions should be scalable, cost-effective, and give the stakeholders exactly the need along with security and stability. So, it will be your job to use your knowledge to advocate cloud technology. 

What will you be doing as a Cloud Architect?

Here will be some of your day-to-day responsibilities as a cloud architect:

  • Designing and implementing the cloud infrastructure.
  • Developing the best practices for cloud usage in the organization.
  • Overseeing governance, the standards, and the rules the cloud environment has to abide by.
  • Discussing business problems and providing opportunities with cloud computing technologies.
  • Work on security, monitor privacy, and develop procedures for incident response.
  • Create plans for mitigating risks that governance and security might help in identifying.
  • Estimating the cost of cloud infrastructure and meeting budgets.

The tasks of a cloud architect are big in terms of responsibility and have a far-reaching impact. This is also the appeal of the job of a cloud architect. They make big choices and have a big impact on the organization.

How can you become a Cloud Architect?

With the right skills and certification, there are a lot of jobs that you can go for. But, being a cloud architect is one of the most satisfying jobs in the field of cloud computing. Even though you won’t be drawing bridges and buildings, you will be using your knowledge and experience for building the most durable and strongest cloud infrastructure. There are different career paths you can take to start your career as a cloud architect including the following:

  • You can start in IT support, move on to the role of a System Engineer which would lead to the Database Administrator position, and then to the Cloud Architect role.
  • You can start working as a Developer, get an understanding of DevOps and create system deployment processes. After working as a principal developer for some time, you can start working as a Cloud Architect.
  • You can work as a System Administrator where you will be working on the data side and understanding how data enters a system. After this, you can move onto the role of a Cloud Architect.

How much do Cloud Architects earn?

Cloud architecture is in high demand today. So it also offers a competitive salary. Your salary will depend on the post. The average annual income of a Cloud Architect in the US is $152,193.

What should you do to become a Cloud Architect?

  • Acquire some architecture and design knowledge through supporting roles.
  • Get cloud certifications. A cloud architecture certification from Azure, GCP, or AWS will give you a huge advantage over your non-certified counterparts. There are several online cloud architecture courses that can help you acquire the skills you need to become a cloud architect.
  • Work on your logical problem-solving skills and communication skills so that you are able to preempt the situations.

The best way for you to start your career as a cloud architect is to enroll in one of the many cloud architecture courses available online. If you have the patience and determination to finish the course and practice it, it won’t be challenging for you and you will be able to see the results coming. Once you finish the course, you will be able to use the data for solving complex problems quickly. Cloud architecture can help a cloud-dependent, technical company grow. As a cloud architect, you will be the one who makes cloud-based decisions in the company and work on deploying the cloud environment. So, sign up for a training course and start your journey to becoming a cloud architect. 

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