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These apps are designed to transfer information that your body needs to rebalance for wellness. As technology develops, the awareness of the human body's energy systems is being isolated and studied. More of the subtle energy interactions are being proved and traced. Equipment like the Quest9 is being used by health practitioners to assess our body’s reactions to healing techniques in a safe manner.

Technology is allowing us to enter and understand the subatomic nature of human existence. It is enabling us to discover the subtlety of health alongside its power to heal. It is revealing that we humans have sophisticated methods of maintaining health that go way beyond the standard medical observations that assess wellbeing.

Freeingme Ltd was formed around this subatomic investigation as to how the human body’s energy systems work, which led to 3 apps that exploit this knowledge to reinstate harmony within these systems once they have been disturbed.

Help On the Go

We create disharmony in ourselves all the time in our modern lives. The growth in technology has undoubtedly helped us as a species. We have limitations. We actually only populate a small area of the total size of the planet we live in due, obviously, to sea, heat, and deep vegetation. We, humans, have, of course, invented extraordinary ways to travel through these limitations with planes, boats, and trains. The motor car has revolutionized the way we live and it is little more than a century old. We have thus come a long way in a very short time, technologically speaking, as we try to get around our human limitations.

Our limitations mean we need rest, sleep, food, water, shade, and also motivation. We need to do things. So we have to take care of ourselves to do the things we need or want to do. We can go all around the world and no matter how remote or indigenous the people we meet, those limitations will always be a part of everyone’s existence.

However, the more we expand, the more we must look within because our limitations are always dictating how we must balance ourselves to take care of ourselves. Our human energy systems are very important. Without water we become dehydrated and without sleep we become delirious. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have hundreds of energy systems in our bodies. For instance, we have two forms of nervous systems.

Once Freeingme Ltd had become interested in helping to balance these systems, its name was derived from the process - to free oneself from what could hinder achievement. As we are always in a state of flux and modern living is constantly testing our balance, the obvious solution was to have a device that was carried around. That already exists - the smartphone.

The Technology Became Very Interesting

To get a way to balance human energy systems into an app using intelligent light was no mean feat. But Freeingme Ltd got lucky with the basis of all its work: discovering how to use intelligent light to help people. They call this Photon Communication Technology. It works on the basis that light carries information. Science also knows that this information is a two-way thing. We humans also send out information to influence the world around us, as discovered with the famous ‘Double Slit Experiment.

The interaction on a subatomic level that we have between us and our environment is fundamental to all things we do. We are constantly receiving information from our environment and our cells are awash with this. The travel/holiday industry is aware of the important need for us to take from different environments simply to help us relax and have fun. This is a healing experience and the events of the past year have also outlined this important need. Now, what happens if we take this information and make it condensed and projectable? What happens if we can synthesize a positive experience and make it available at any time? This was the remit.

The smart mobile phone is a light projecting device. It lends itself completely to sending out intelligent light. The interesting part of these apps is how intelligent light is made. The source is in nature, or put another way, in the environment. That is synthesized and remains external to the apps. The apps act as a lens that can focus what has been synthesized in the way of information and send it to you. This exchange is harmless because it is natural - we do it all the time and in doing so our body takes what it needs. We do this to live. We take from our environment, through light, the information that we need. If we don’t need it, we reject it. Therefore if you do not need what the apps have to offer, they in themselves are not needed.

What Can the Apps Help With?

The main 3 aspects of human priority in modern living are to maintain energy, rest, and combat stress. The first app to be found to work and from which all the others sprang was the freeingEnergy app. It can be used as an energy lift if you have to keep going or as a daily energy management program. We are all working harder than we should and this app helps us to avoid being locked into stimulants like coffee that can have a negative impact on our lives.

Stress is a very big modern problem because there is much pressure in our working life. This stress needs to be managed before it gets out of hand. We have devised societies that are structured to keep people away from expressing what they feel. To relentlessly hold stress within ourselves slowly destroys the nervous system when all it needs to do is rebalance, which is what the freeingStress app is designed to help with. 

Rest is a necessity that has often become a luxury in our modern lives. Adrenalin is addictive, which is why we can choose to keep running on it, but it has to end at some point. This is a problem because exhaustion takes a while to recover from. It is much better to maintain reserves by recouping energy properly. The freeingRest app can help relax us, which provides the impetus to rest, giving us a break from constant concerns that are hard to switch off. This app has also helped people sort out sleep issues.

Where this Technology Can Go.

Freingme Ltd points out that their apps are not medical apps and are not designed to replace medical treatment. This new technology has so many other implications in wellbeing. It differs considerably from other radionic devices that send a signal out and this helps while the signal is operating. When intelligent light is used, its information is absorbed into the body to reset the inbalance. This lasts until the balance goes out again. During the two years of testing the apps, they showed that the time between when they are needed takes longer. This means a growth that is creating stability is being established.

The extent to which this can help balance and create wellbeing has only just begun. There are so many specifics in human balance that the exploration into precise targeting of intelligent light is in its infancy. What this technology can help is only just underway. This will become more evident the further we explore the subtle energy that is the human being. This is a great positive for the software development industry.

Where are the Apps Available?

There are presently three different freeingMe apps available on Google Play: freeingEnergy, freeingStress and freeingRest. Each app is currently only available for Android users but an iPhone version will be available from the freeing.me website soon. There is currently a free 3-day trial and an introductory offer of $3.49 per month for 3 months, and $4.49 thereafter.

For further information visit: https://freeing.me and to buy now go to this link

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