Why Learn to Code? 5 Surprising Benefits to Consider

With the immense benefits that digital technology has at its disposal, digital literacy has become one of the most essential skills to be possessed by almost everyone. Hence kids coding is becoming quite prevalent these days so that they start early learning this useful skill.

Apart from the basic computer literacy skills, coding is a skill worth gaining attention. Coding is a language that is understood by computers. And these computers are running the world; imagine what power one can get if one can actually instruct the computer to do what one wants. This is the power of coding, and hence not even the grown-ups but the kids too must try their hands at coding. These days several online platforms are providing secure coding training guide and quality coding education which will make the students capable enough of understanding the coding concepts. Learning to code has the following benefits, which we will be discussing below.

Enhances Problem Solving

Coding requires the student to think as to how to instruct the computer to solve a particular problem. Hence they need to think about how to proceed, what step to be taken first so as to solve the problem. This will allow them to think in an organized way and proceed towards problem-solving by organizing their solutions in a structured manner. Because if given a wrong instruction the computer won't accept and return an error, hence automatically the students will learn how to organize their problem-solving approach, which is a good skill to have in real life too.

Builds Critical Thinking Skills 

One good thing about coding or interacting with computers is spontaneous results. The computer won't accept anything that is illogical or not following a particular syntax, giving a prompt response in the form of an error. This forces the kids to think alternatively and analyze their own approach multiple times, which will, in return, sharpen their critical thinking skills.

Induces Creativity

There are several approaches to a particular problem-solving. Learning how to code encourages the kids to think creatively so that they can design or frame their own approach towards solving a problem rather than going the common way. This will boost their confidence levels, too, when they will realize that their problem-solving approach also yields the same result.

Teaches Patience

Learning to instruct a machine or computer is not easy since it requires very precise and accurate instructions along with a fixed syntax. Any tiny mistake will not yield the result, and one has to think structurally and logically to achieve the desired results. At times coders go through a code multiple times to catch that one error. This will definitely increase the patience and perseverance levels of the students, which is also a must-have life skill. 

Coding is a Powerful Skill to Possess

We have seen how digital technology has taken the world by storm, with useful and pathbreaking products coming every now and then, which have a huge utility in our practical life. And all these have been made by the programmers or coders. Once confident in coding, kids can start designing their own small apps or games, which will give them confidence as they will know how their thinking and analytical skills can create something new. Technology helps in easing our life; students can strive to make some simple, useful apps too to help them ease or automate their simple daily tasks. Overall, coding will always be in demand and has a bright future. If learned, the students' future shall be secure as this skill is always in demand in the market. 

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