6 Benefits of Including Surveys in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media provides the ultimate platform to businesses. It is due to this reason that every brand is interested in creating the perfect social media marketing strategy. One of the ways through which you can take your social media game to the next level is by including surveys.

When you take surveys, you get to learn more about your target audience. Research shows that about 87% of survey-takers prefer having a say in company decisions. Since surveys are easy to include, you must leverage them for your social media marketing strategy. 

If you are considering giving surveys a try, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at the top 6 advantages of including them in your strategy. Let’s get started.

1. Increased Brand Trust

One of the main benefits of including surveys in your social media marketing strategy is that it helps increase brand trust. If you want customers to trust your brand, you have to show them that you care by taking surveys. 

It is human nature to trust someone interested in learning more about you and provides you with an experience based on your interests. Businesses should take advantage of social media and surveys to act on user concerns. 

By understanding how customers think, you get to feed them with content that they are likely to feel positively towards. With social media marketing surveys, you get to boost your social media output. Increased brand trust will translate into loyal customers. Hence, it is worth pursuing.

2. Break the Barrier

Another benefit of social media marketing surveys is that they help you break the barrier. Even if your ideal audience comes into contact with your brand online, they might have certain fears when they interact with you for the very first time. 

Although efforts from both sides are necessary for breaking the barrier, it is up to you to take matters into your own hands. This is where surveys come in handy. They allow you to post engaging content and interact with customers with minimal effort. 

The fact is that social media surveys serve different purposes. Since customers tend to have fears about a brand, it is your responsibility to offer better content that everyone has an easier time connecting with. Thus, you will see results immediately.

3. Foster Engagement and Conversation

When it comes to social media, you need to foster engagement and conversation. This is possible when you use surveys. Today, most social media managers only need to boost engagement and establish an online community. 

To create a sense of community, you first need to gain an understanding of the pain points experienced by customers. Then, you can reflect on them to make a difference. The fact is that customers only want to engage with brands that are interested in solving their concerns. 

The thing about social media is that it is a world full of surprises. It is due to this reason that it would be foolish to assume how your audience would respond to the content unless it gets published. 

To ensure that you post the right content, you require an open-end conversation. Thus, social media marketing surveys are the way to go. 

You can take Instagram polls to get users to communicate what is important to them. The surveys enhance the ability of how users respond and react. 

4. Learn About Their Communication Style

Every audience has a unique communication style. You must learn about their communication style by turning to surveys. Although knowing what users want can be difficult, you can leverage surveys to find out more about their perspectives. 

By giving surveys a try, you get to fulfill your strategy. When you take surveys, you gain valuable insights into how users communicate. This enables you to use the words and phrases that help boost social media interaction.  

Only when you have a command over the communication style of your audience would you relate to them. Since relevance is vital, including surveys in your social media marketing strategy will pay off in the end.

5. Cost-Effective

Next, surveys are cost-effective. They are free in most cases or inexpensive. Hence, it makes perfect sense to include them. 

When you compare the cost of in-person interviews, mail surveys, or telephone surveys with social media marketing surveys, you will quickly realize just how affordable they are.

Forget about travel expenses, phone calls, printing, and postage to gather useful information when you turn to online surveys. They ensure that you gain details without having to spend money. 

Besides, you can immediately compile the information to put it to good use. It does not get better than this.

Cost is something that you cannot ignore. It is worthwhile to take surveys as they require minimal effort. The social media head or even interns could take over the brand account to take surveys and plug in the information gathered to make the right decisions.

6. Large Sample Size

Finally, social media marketing surveys serve a large sample size. If you are interested in gathering information from all your customers, you will find it to be the perfect option. 

Since there are billions of users on social media that live in different parts of the world, you can take surveys to learn more about them. All you need to do is select the right platform and find your audience. The audience is there.

Whether you run a digital marketing agency or any other type of business, surveys guarantee high demographic representation. The statistical relevance in terms of the general population will prove beneficial. 


Including surveys in your social media marketing strategy is extremely beneficial. From increasing brand trust to testing with a large sample size, you get to leverage this cost-effective analytical tool to take your business to new heights. 

The best thing about surveys is that they are easy to incorporate into posts. Hence, you can take advantage of them almost immediately. 

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