Top Business Apps & Software. From Payroll to Sales and Financing

Businesses of all sizes need tools & resources to help them succeed online. As a business owner, the more you can automate tasks, the more organized and productive your business will become.

You can use free software and apps available in the market but at some point, you have to decide which of the business tools are worth the paid version, and which do the job for free.

Fortunately, a merchant cash advance can be a financial tool to access capital quickly and pay for these tools to operate and grow your business. Companies like Camino Financial offer these financing solutions for small businesses.

Here are some of the best apps & software to run your business and how can you use each one of them:

1. Evernote

This is a powerful tool that can help business owners to stay organized on their business projects. Evernote helps people to stay focused and to make progress on what matters most. They have a free basic plan and also paid plans with more features. 

2. Paychex Flex

This is one of the most popular apps in the market. It allows you to manage the payroll data without losing the process for a sudden urgency, which is one of its greatest benefits, continuing from where you left off.  

Paychex also can be synchronized with the Paychex cloud and manage your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with flexibility.

3. Square Payroll

Versatility is the right description for this software, that’s both powerful and affordable.

Its functions range from synchronizing and importing all your employee and contractor data with a sales point and paying them with a few clicks to delegating the payment tasks by automating the process.

4. SurePayroll

When it comes to bug and crash-free apps, this one takes the lead. It’s a very simple and easy tool when recording your employees’ hours worked or vacation days.

It also has a solid mobile app with an excellent security and accuracy system. Another pro is that SurePayroll sends a mobile alert to let you know when your payroll has been submitted and approved.

5. Zoho Books

This cloud-based accounting software presents all the characteristics you will need for managing your financial records such as payment reminders, invoicing, inventory tracking, and more.  

Zoho Books is very simple and it costs $9 per month, making it very affordable.

6. Wave

Wave is an ideal option for small business owners who want to save some money and are looking for a simple, understandable software that can be linked to unlimited bank accounts. This is an alternative for you to keep track of your invoicing.  

7. FreshBooks

This mobile app allows you to build up your own customized billing system if your business needs it. It is compatible with 84 other applications such as Shopify, Zoom, and G-Suite and stores all of your business data in a cloud.

Some of these apps and software offer their basic versions for free, but if you want more features then you need to pay. A good option to afford these apps and software is opting for a merchant cash advance that allows getting quick capital to cover these expenses. 

How does a merchant cash advance work?

You can repay a merchant cash advance in two ways. The first one is starting with an initial sum of money in exchange for a part of your future credit and debit card sales. Meanwhile, the second works by getting initial cash that is repaid by fixed daily or weekly debits from your bank account.

In fact, instead of making a fixed payment each month from a bank account during a set payment period, thanks to merchant cash advance you can make daily or weekly payments, in an automated way, until the advance is paid in full.

Starting a new business requires dedication and investment but with the right tools, you’ll soon be on your way to reaching your business potential.

A merchant cash advance is a great option if you are short of funds and need something quickly. You can use this financial tool for a number of business expenses like replenishing inventory, purchasing new equipment, or getting business apps and software like the examples explained before. 

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