17 Novel Ideas to Start Your Online Business Right Now

Everybody wants to be a boss, Right? Majority of us should accept that at least once in our life, we all thought of making a fortune by starting a business / start-up. Nearly a decade ago if you were to ask anyone about how to start a business, the most general advice you would get would be that, you need a lot of initial capital. And if you were serious and researched a little more, you would have faced practical issues like getting leads, new customer base, acquiring land for warehouse etc. But fortunately, thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence and social media, a major part of those problems has been solved already for you.

Due to a huge increase in reach of internet & social media, people nowadays search for topics such as new best small business ideas which can be implemented online or digitally. This has happened because of the fact that the digital world gives much more flexibility and has much lower capital requirements as compared to opening a business traditionally. Therefore, in this post we are going to list few great ideas to start your online business today.

Here are 17 Ways to Start your Online Business:

Business Plan 1. START BLOGGING

Blogging is something that everyone has thought of giving a chance or at least heard of it. It is basically an activity where individual share knowledge about any subject through the internet to the whole world. There are many bloggers who are making it big in their respective niches. Niche is a particular field about which an individual writes/blogs. It is highly recommended that before starting a blog you must decide a particular niche on which you want to blog, and that niche must be something for which you are passionate about. There are many popular niches like travel, food, fashion & lifestyle, business & finance, etc. Blogging can earn you money through sponsorship & advertising networks like Google Adsense.

When it comes to monetizing a blog, a popular business model is affiliate marketing. This model works by referring people to relevant products and services. You generate an income when your referrals purchase products you referred to them. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs are digital products that pay high commissions. These can anything from training courses to SAAS products like email marketing tools.


Start recommending people about various products (affiliate marketing). This is a very popular field where many people are making money by selling products, with the benefit of not warehousing the product or even manufacturing the product. It means earning by referral. Basically, an affiliate marketer gets a unique link associated to his affiliate id with that affiliate network and whenever any purchase is made with that particular link, that affiliate marketer makes a commission. You can start promoting affiliate products and whenever someone purchases from your link, you can earn a commission.


Nowadays every business whether it is small or big, need a good website & user-friendly mobile app for their customers. You can do this more effectively, if you know about programming languages & new techniques of developing a websites and apps. If an individual learned this art then he can easily create websites & applications for businesses or even can develop his own application on an idea. Later you can promote this & can use ads to generate money.

Business Plan 4. START WEB HOSTING

Web hosting is something you might hear about if you ever developed or get your website developed with third party. Web hosting is a necessary thing required to start a website, every website requires an online space where it can be hosted and accessed from anywhere. Therefore, web hosting providers give us this space on their servers to host our website and they charge an amount for this. You can also start providing hosting by becoming a reseller or can develop your own infrastructure.


People earn money by acquiring domain names at a lower price and then selling them at a much higher price. For this, an individual needs to do a little research on what kinds of domains are high in demand and also they need to keep an eye on the availability of those domains. You might hear that sometimes website owners forget to renew their domains and then, in that case, they will be willing to acquire those domains at any given price because their brand name is associated with that particular domain.


Intraday Trading basically means selling and buying of stocks in a day in such a way that some profit is generated on daily basis. It has high risk level as the stock market is highly dynamic and all the investments can become zero, but this can be avoided to a certain extent if proper knowledge is acquired before getting into this field. Business is operated digitally in this field.


You can start selling products online by opening an ecommerce/online shopping store. You can sell many things such as products developed by you, used products, your books, imported items etc. You need to develop an online store with secure payment methods, where people can buy your listed products. Earlier this task was considered to be pretty complicated but after the arrival of mediums like Shopify and WooCommerce, opening an online store has become much easier.


Social media is a powerful medium through which every brand wants to market themselves and grow their customer base. While big brands have full dedicated teams to just handle their social media accounts, many small brands always need some kind of professionals to manage their social accounts, increase their reach & brand value. You can open an online social media management company where you can consult about social media marketing and can fulfill the requirements of the brands for a fee.


Freelancers are those people who have expertise in any field and provide their services to clients/customers by working remotely according to their flexible hours. As a freelancer, you can earn money by doing multiple tasks. There are various websites which help freelancers to connect with their clients, like Upwork, Fiverr etc. In return, these websites earn some commission from the payment made.

Freelance writers are spoilt for choice when it comes to remote writing jobs. There are dozens of resources to choose from and plenty of online job boards dedicated to helping writers land awesome gigs with a business that pay well.


If you don't possess any skill which can help you in affiliate marketing or blogging. Then doing research for companies is the best thing for you. Many companies don't have enough resources to do any particular research work on their own, but they do hire some people to help them out with this. You can start looking for such opportunities and can make money by doing their work. Similarly, you can perform listings of products or other things for the companies or clients.

Business Plan 11. PROVIDE SEO

SEO means the art of making websites rank much higher on Google search pages, if you master this skill then there is nothing to stop you from making money online. Each and every website out there wants to rank higher from one another, the demand for this area is growing at an ever-increasing pace. For doing this properly, you must have good knowledge of all types of SEO techniques.


Well if you don't want to get in the technical stuff of the online world like SEO, Social Media Marketing etc, but you're still good at writing content and able to describe your emotions with your words, writing for the online market could be the best thing for you. You know content is the king and demand of good & unique content is on the peak in the market. Many firms actively look for a good content writer, you just need to write about the particular topic that is given to you with no grammar mistakes and you can start making money with this.

Business Plan 13. SELL PHOTOS

Yes, it is true that you can also earn by selling photos online. There are many websites which allow you to list your photos and earn money whenever anyone buys them. The main thing which is required to get a good income out of this field is the art of clicking good pictures. If you're a good photographer and looking to earn some cash with the many photos you have clicked, selling them could be a good option.


You can also become someone's assistant by being in the comfort of your home. Yes, it is possible! Thanks to the internet & digital technologies. You can assist anyone by helping them in their work like helping them with online spreadsheets (MS-Excel), helping in their photo enhancement (Photoshop), Troubleshooting their technical software errors or other things.


Well, most of you must be aware of YouTube these days. You can start your channel on YouTube if you have specialty & knowledge on a particular field. This can be anything but you have to start with a unique & good approach with the fact that how others can get benefits from watching your videos. Apart from YouTube, you can also share your videos on other platforms like IGTV. Later, after gaining good popularity & audience reach, you can start making money by various methods.


If you are good at making others understand about a certain topic then definitely you should start online consulting services. You may start with an area in which you have the expertise, later you can expand this with multiple areas too. You can create your portal where you can attend video calls or start doing webinars. You can charge on an hourly basis or a session basis. If you're a good tutor, there are some websites which connect you to parents who need a tutor for their children and are also willing to pay a pretty good fee as well.


If you have a good idea in concurrence with latest market trends. You can develop or hire developers to build your own Online Software Product / SaaS Based Product. It will go far good with a unique approach and targeted market but you need to highlight your features and counter your competitors. Once established, you can start gaining perspective clients and start selling it!

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