Engaging TikTok Video Ideas To Try

In the world of social media, there’s an old adage that goes thus: “content is king”. What this essentially means is that you need to be creating consistently great content if you want to engage your followers. There are plenty of ways to boost your count; for example, there are a few services like FreeTikFollowers.com that will give you organic likes and engagement on your content. However, if your content isn’t worth engaging with in the first place, you probably won’t be able to keep those followers. Here are some ideas for engaging TikTok videos you can make to keep your followers interested and interactive.

An educational video

Do you have a particular specialty that you think people would be interested in? Why not create some educational content on TikTok in order to help people to learn that skill? Let’s say you’re a guitarist. Do you have a unique angle that you could approach the subject from? If so, you may want to consider creating TikTok videos about specific guitar techniques or tips and tricks that even seasoned players might not know. Alternately, if you’re not particularly musical, you could create cooking tutorials, dance classes, or any number of other educational videos. Remember that TikTok is short form, so keep it brief!

A new dance challenge

TikTok is all about dance crazes and challenges, even more so than most other social networks of its type. As such, if you truly want to go viral, you should try to create a new dance craze if you can. Think about the most popular dance crazes. What unifies them? They should be reasonably easy to do, impressive to look at, and have ripe potential for messing them up, thus creating a new comedy challenge in the process. It’s very difficult to make a new dance challenge, so you should only try to do this if you’re a skilled dancer (although you could leverage comedy potential to make a funny dance challenge!).

A lip-sync challenge

Just like dance challenges, lip-sync challenges are the bread and butter of TikTok. Plenty of songs have become popular solely from being TikTok lip-sync challenges, so if you’re looking to become social media famous, you might want to consider a lip-sync challenge. Of course, you’ll need to bring your A-game, just as you would with any other kind of TikTok challenge; if you don’t put effort into creating a lip-sync challenge that’s funny or well-done, then you’ll likely be buried beneath the avalanche of mediocre videos that appear on TikTok on a regular basis. That ethos generally applies to most TikTok content, so make sure to exercise it here, too.

A video based on an already trending topic

It’s impossible to tell exactly what’s going to be trending on TikTok at any given time. Although there are certain kinds of content that are evergreen, trending topics change on a regular basis, so it’s always worth checking out the hashtags that are trending on TikTok when you fire up the app. Making a video based on those topics is a surefire way to increase engagement on your content. If you can, try to find an angle on the topic that hasn’t already been done by others. Injecting your personality into your TikTok content ensures that the video will be unique and engaging simply by dint of not being derivative.

A current events-based video

You have to be careful when you’re creating current events-based videos on TikTok. A huge contingent of the audience might switch off if you start getting deep into the weeds of politics. Of course, the TikTok app itself is playing quite a large part in shaping the politics of the time, so it’s not really possible to avoid making political content for too long. If you’re going to make current affairs videos, try to keep them light-hearted; parodying politicians or situations is always a strong bet, for example. If you must make a serious video, make sure it’s to the point and gets your message across as quickly and concisely as possible.

A holiday-themed video

Think about the next holiday that’s coming up in the calendar. Could you create TikTok content themed around that holiday? Christmas videos are often inexorably popular, for example, as are Valentine’s Day videos or even Thanksgiving videos if you’re US-based. You can even combine different kinds of TikTok content to create, for example, a Christmas-themed lip sync video for your favourite holiday song, or a Valentine’s Day dance challenge. Be creative when you’re thinking about making holiday content; there are some obvious ideas that will immediately occur to you, so try not to leap for those as soon as they present themselves.

A challenge or magic video

If music isn’t really your thing, you might want to consider making a magic video, or a different kind of challenge (extreme sports, for example, or some kind of athletic challenge). One of the most popular TikTok users in the world is illusionist Zach King, who currently has an absolutely staggering 55.8 million followers on TikTok. He almost exclusively creates illusions on the platform, and some of them must be seen to be believed. You could also follow the example of Sneakermechanic, AKA Ben Johnson, who has a million followers and creates artistic pieces from sneakers.

These are just some of our ideas for engaging TikTok videos. Of course, by exercising your creativity, you can make anything you set your mind to. What are some of your crazy TikTok video ideas?  

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