Recommendations for Creating an Effective Build In Path of Exile

Path of Exile (usually abbreviated as PoE) is an MMOARPG developed by Grinding Gear Games that is heavily influenced by the legendary videogame series created by Blizzard: Diablo. For that reason, PoE keeps the classic ARPG gameplay with isometric view, but implements its own very well elaborated features that differentiate it from other MMORPGs.

Among all the features and mechanics of Path of Exile, one of the most acclaimed by its players is undoubtedly the impressive amount of possibilities it offers when customizing characters, since this ARPG has all kinds of items that affect stats, a modifiable skill tree with more than 1200 nodes.

However, building a good character in PoE from scratch is quite a complicated task due to all the stats and theories that must be taken into account, so players usually choose to look at guides with various effective buildings. That said, for those players who want to try to create their own PoE building, here are three brief but indispensable recommendations to perform this task effectively.

How to use Path of Building

The main recommendation when building in PoE is to install the useful Path of Building program, an official offline tool focused on increasing the possibilities available to the build. Unlike the Path of Exile website where players can create a passive skill tree for their character in a limited way, in the Path of Building tools it is possible to create, alter and share practically all the technical characteristics related to buildings. However, the large amount of options that this tool has can be complicated for many players, so it is recommended to watch a tutorial to learn how to use it correctly.

It should also be clarified that it is highly recommended to use the version of this program developed by the community: Path of Building Community Fork, since it has many more useful options and is more updated. In addition, this version is as secure as the official one, so there should be no problems installing it.

Learn how to implement defensive layers correctly

Defining a good defense is indispensable for any building in PoE, so the most experienced players almost always recommend giving high priority to life nodes (as they are necessary to survive in the game) and also make sure to increase Elemental Resistances by 75%. Reaching a minimum of 160% of life is quite correct, although the most recommended is to reach between 175% and 200% of life in the passive skill tree of Path of Exile.

For all buildings focused on the right side of the passive skill tree, the most preferable is to use an Acrobatics keystone along with other evasion sources to avoid enemy attacks. While character summoners, gladiators and those who specialize in shields should focus on increasing block. 

In short, it is very important that each building has a large reserve of life and some defensive layers that will depend on the chosen class. In addition, improving the regeneration of life or energy shields is also quite necessary to reduce any adverse effects.

Implement few mechanics and balance them well

Another important recommendation when building is to avoid implementing too many mechanics, as this is usually problematic and ineffective during the game. When looking at various examples of effective builds in different guides, it is easy to notice that most of them only focus on a few defensive layers and one or two skills, along with multiple ways to increase their effectiveness.

Many novice players make the mistake of focusing on three or more damage types at once in a single building, which can be very impractical in most cases. This mistake can also apply to defensive layers, where many make the mistake of setting up too many mechanics that end up consuming too much mana during gameplay. That said, it is best to focus on maximizing two balanced mechanics that can facilitate the increase of damage in attacks and defense.

That said, another important element in Path of Exile buildings are the Orbs, since they can improve the equipment and also fulfill the function of being practically the currency of this game. That said, one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain large amounts of this necessary item is simply by opting to buy PoE Orbs in specialized websites such as Eldorado, which stands out for its great security, the speed of its deliveries and the simplicity of its interface. 

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