Best Website Builders For Small Business

Earlier, you had a visiting card, now you require a website address!

A website not only ensures that people know about you; it also ensures that you are well placed in the global arena with your intended customers knowing about your products and services as well as the areas you are serving. All-in-all, it is your very own personalized gateway to the world. 

But, how much an entrepreneur or a business intends to spend on a website is their personal choice. Also, the amount of effort and time they can spend on its development is their own call. A high-end website with several complex functionalities, would obviously require an expert and experienced developer with the requisite toolkit and a well-sorted strategy development framework at hand. But, if you are a small on demand business and have a  small website in mind (with some spare time to spend), you could also try and develop the same for yourself. It might help you get a true hang of the technicalities involved and give a creative satisfaction of having created something from scratch for your business, for the world to see!

Top Website Builders You Can Use:

The choice is absolutely yours! But, if you are interested to go the DIY way, the below-enumerated website builders will come handy to get the task done:

1. Square Space

When it comes to website builders, there is hardly a name that can compete with SquareSpace. One of the most easy to use frameworks that is known to deliver professional looking websites; the platform is absolutely a user’s delight. 

  • The website builders offer its users an unparalleled basket of templates to choose from. 
  • It also enables the users to present their projects in customizable galleries and add password-protected pages to share private work with clients or other work partners.
  • Their powerful blogging tools enable the users to easily create blog posts, share their stories, post company news, announce a product release and what not. You can also categorize and schedule your blog posts as per a certain time table with Square space.
  • The platform inculcates several SEO tools that also websites built on Square space become more searchable.
  • The analytics tools within square space helps users to categorize their target audience and gauge their reaction to the developed site.
  • Square space’s powerful apps for both Google and Apple stores enable the users to update their websites with ease, on the go as well.
  • Its free logo maker can help you develop a dedicated business logo as well.

Well-priced as per the utilities it provides; square space has been the leader in website development and marketing industry verticals.

2. Wix

Wix is a leader in website creation that enables transformation of user ideas into mobile-friendly website realities. Its various features include:

  • The best part about Wix is that it has an unstructured editor that allows users to move any object to any part of the page. 
  • Wix includes more than 500 design themes to choose from.
  • There are several user-friendly options and objects like buttons, decorative, interactive, etc. to choose from.
  • It also includes several innovative ready to use functionalities like restaurant ordering, etc.
  • The platform allows the user to change, customize or add anything to their site using the drag and drop feature.
  • It also provides customized domain name options.

With one of the largest and the most varied feature set; Wix ensure awesome website development for its clients.

3. Shopify

With more than 1,00,000 successful developments; Shopify boasts of being one of the most famed and trusted website builders of these times. Its feature list includes:

  • The platform includes several beautiful themes that are fully responsive to the screen size and customizable as per user requirements.
  • It has an easy to use and understand interface that intuitively helps the users to develop their websites fast.
  • No technical expertise is required for its usage, even for server maintenance and website upgrades to keep your store and shopping cart available at all times
  • Shopify offers its customers 24*7 support to answer all grievances and queries.
  • The software offers several ready to install functionalities to its users like options to add reviews, loyalty programs, customer wishlists, get in-depth analytics, print labels and packing slips, etc.
  • The software allows developed websites to easily integrate accounting software, shipping programs and social media sites as well.
  • As one of the best ecommerce web developer, Shopify enables websites to inculcate abandoned cart recovery option as well.’
  • Provides various options and inclusions for payment gateways and SEO features.

Owing to its low subscription cost and a wide variety of features, it is the best framework for development of e-commerce websites.

4. Hostgator

Hostgaor is an intelligent (A.I powered) website builder that has been helping businesses to develop the most phenomenal and feature laden websites ever.

Features that make it so awesome are:

  • Owing to its Artificial Intelligence based functionalities, Hostagator automatically builds websites based on user requirements and an optimized layout.
  • The software includes several industry-specific themes to choose from
  • Enables creation of simple websites within minutes.
  • An experienced team of technical experts to back all hostgator developments and their applications
  • Its ecommerce website builder features options for inventory, shipping, taxes, etc.
  • Hostgator includes a free of cost image gallery ‘Unsplash’ for customers to choose from. 

The platform enables easy development of mobile-friendly websites with inherent SEO and other marketing analysis functionalities. All-in-all, Hostgator builds instantaneous, yet good looking websites as per the required digital strategy framework,  owing to its state-of -the-art team and development framework. 

5. Weebly

Weebly is one of the best website design tools out there, which is known for its simple yet effective approach.

Its technical functionalities include:

  • A varied basket of simple and elegantly style themes that can be switched as and when the user requires.
  • Weebly features an all-insive App Center, with more than 300 apps with writing, marketing, communications, ecommerce, social media and other functionalities.
  • The framework includes easily understandable SEO guides that provide  insightful information about coding hacks, keyword optimization strategies, and helpful tips to boost a site’s searchability.
  • It is comparatively cheap, but it charges extra costs for most ecommerce options

Weebly provides the best options for brick and mortar stores, with a drag and drop functionality.

Lookout for your Comfort!

A Website is the first step for a business as well as an individual to mark their space online. Make it count and make it big with these above-stated website builder frameworks! 

Select the one that is suited to your requirements in terms of efficiency, features and price and then zero in on your digital partner. 

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