7 Best Google Docs Add-ons To Try

Almost every one of us uses a document reader and editor, might be familiar with the Google Docs app that is quite helpful and easier to use. Google Docs is a helpful tool for everyone who writes. These can be college essays or articles about technologies or games at a casino. Yet, it's possible to improve your Google Docs, we are going to share some add-ons that will help you with many functionalities of Google Docs. 

Code Blocks 

If you write texts on IT topics, you probably need the Code Blocks extension, which allows you to format code in a document. The extension lets you set the programming language and theme. You can also choose to remove the background color altogether so the code text fits the style of the whole document or use a colored background so readers can distinguish code blocks more easily.


Translate+ is a quick way to translate text from any language and add it to your document right away. A good thing if you translate texts from English and don't want to switch between tabs all the time.

Better Word Count

This add-on helps you count the number of words and characters in an article. Filters can be used to ignore certain headings and strikethrough text, or conversely, to count even characters in footers and footnotes.


The extension gd2md-html converts the text in your document into Markdown or HTML. It's useful when you're writing an article for a blog. If you change the text, you need to click the Markdown or HTML button again to update the code.

Image Extractor 

With Image Extractor you can easily extract images from documents and save them to your computer. With standard tools this can only be done by downloading a document in HTML format, which is far from always convenient and time-consuming.

Doc Builder

Doc Builder allows you to arbitrarily compile text fragments. Documents with frequently used text can be used as templates. For example, you only need to make blanks for a research paper, term paper, or practice report once, so that you won't waste precious time on designing it from scratch later. When creating new standard documents, you will be able to insert text, pictures and formatting elements from templates that will be available in the sidebar of the add-in.

To save document templates, the add-in uses Google Sheets spreadsheets, which allows you to flexibly customize the design options. A table with all the template settings will be available after clicking on the arrow icon. 

Footnote Style

Footnotes in Google Docs are marked up in Arial by default, even if you've created a different footnote style in the settings. The Footnote Style add-on solves this problem elegantly. Format one link in the desired style, select it and click Update Footnote Style in the add-in, and after adding the remaining footnotes, click the Update Footnotes button in the menu. All footnotes will have uniform formatting. 

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