Top Gadgets That Can Help You Be More Productive

Do you feel like you’re able to spend enough time with your family and friends? It seems like everything is moving fast these days and it can be a real challenge keeping up. We’re under stress at work due to piled-up tasks, urgent emails requiring an immediate response, or needing to finish up a project that was due last week. We procrastinate and end up neglecting the important tasks at hand and losing valuable time and opportunity. 

When it comes to handling your workload, staying focused is key. But often we become overwhelmed with our responsibilities, our brains feel fried, we’re distracted, and we end up engaged in counterproductive tasks. 

The funny thing about being busy is that it doesn’t necessarily correlate with being productive. Productivity will come into play when you start selecting the tasks based on their priority and actually completing them, rather than stacking up more tasks to do. It turns out that being productive is more about directing your energy and less about time management. 

A great man once said, “Don’t work hard, work smart.” That sounds like a good idea! Working long hours will not yield improvements in productivity. Sometimes cutting back on the number of work hours can increase your effectiveness at work. Stop overextending yourself, let those feelings of guilt go, and start saying NO. 

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”

— Warren Buffett

So, with an eye to helping you improve your productivity, here are a few gadgets we can recommend:  

Smart Desks

A smart desk provides everything you need in a single workplace. All your essential items are within reach. These contemporary smart desks are decked out with tons of intuitive storage space. This is a dream come true for messy and disorganized people. A huge benefit is that you have the option of an elevated monitor.

Times have changed and you no longer need to modify or adapt to your workstation; rather, the workstation can be customized to your needs. There are adjustable standup desks that are powered by AI and the smart features will let you know when you’re required to stand up and when to sit.  It's an active workplace to enhance productivity.

Wi-Fi 6 Router 

Wi-Fi can be the foremost obstacle to productivity. Technology is increasing at rocket speed and there have been great improvements in Wi-Fi, but there’s no use having all the gadgets with a poor internet connection. Get yourself the best Wi-Fi 6 router available on the market and you’ll be able to immediately flash through any task thrown at you. How fast is this new generation of Wi-Fi? With a speed of 9.6 Gbps, it splits up across a whole network of devices and you gain more potential speed for every single device. 

The old days that saw a constant lag while uploading, downloading, and streaming are long gone. Now the internet supports personalized gadgets such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Workplaces are quickly trying to install such a router to reap the benefits of a strong signal no matter where you’re placed at work, even if you have a corner office.

Paper Tablet

The creative flow from pen to paper is enough of a challenge without the additional difficulty of projecting it in the digital phase. 

This is due to the need to digitize every creative work. Adobe has come out with an extremely handy gadget for designers known as Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet. The primary motive behind developing such technology is to simplify the creative process. By using Adobe Illustrator and a Moleskine pen you can do analog-style drawing to your heart’s content. 

Once you have completed your piece, it is just a simple press of a button that brings your creations to life on a laptop or tablet. You can start to edit or even continue with the creation once you have uploaded your work. It is important to have a laptop that supports complex hardware and software. Choose the one that fits right in your alley, like screen size, features, portability, and affordability.

With the Creative Cloud backup, you can do your sketches on the go--because you never know when your creative juices will flow. For all the designers out there, it’s an easy and effective way to be productive.  


Every employee knows the occasional hassle of printing out documents. And why is it such a hassle? 

It’s usually because the printer may not be a smart device and there can be connectivity issues. HP has come out with a printer that produces flawless copies called HP OfficeJet Smart Pro Printers, connected via the internet. You’ll never have to worry about connectivity issues again. Hands down, the best feature could be the automated scanning to save you precious time as it organizes all your documents at an impressive pace.  You won’t need to stand in a long line in order to get a single copy anymore. HP has definitely lightened our workload here.

Quirky Accessories

  • Floately Plant Holder - Being stressed can also be a major factor in low productivity. Plant holders from Floately will add a modern touch to your workspace and at the same time, add a soothing and relaxing effect. It levitates plants mid-air using magnets and it can rotate 360 degrees.  You might make multiple attempts before placing it correctly but once you get it right, you’ll have a fascinating plant holder! 
  • Cable Drop - We’ve all faced the tangled wire issue on our desks. You can use this cute little product from Cable Drop that will tidy it up. It’s user-friendly and holds your wires in place. You can get several wires at one go using a single holder. 

Contemporary workplaces have started to incorporate new technologies to make the most of their employees’ time and space; benefitting both the employees and the business itself. If you’ve experienced a drop in productivity, try to focus on the where, how, and why of the issue and find the right solution for you. We hope that one of these innovative gadgets can help get you back on track! 

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