3 Ways To Improve Your HiFi System

If you love audio, whether it be music or enjoying the surround sound of a good action film, you need a quality high fidelity system and setup for the best results. These can provide you with an incredibly accurate and crisp sound, and simply the highest quality reproduction of sound possible.

However, not all HiFi systems are created equally. Some can be well done and provide incredible results, while others may fall behind in terms of quality. While the audio equipment you use is important to your HiFi system, purchasing new equipment isn’t the only way to improve your system.

Without any further ado, read on to learn about three great ways you can improve your HiFi system quickly and easily.

Improve the Quality with Cryogenics

One of the most underrated ways to give your HiFi system a boost is with cryogenic processing. This involves exposing the metal components of your audio equipment to incredibly cold temperatures for a brief period before returning the metal to room temperature. So what does this do?

Metal that has been cryogenically processed is more dense, durable and uniform. This is very important when it comes to audio equipment. A more uniform piece of metal, with less gaps and vacancies, is a better conductor. This means that audio components that have been treated with cryogenics can produce less disruptions, a more reliable transmission and better sound quality.

Of course, make sure it is actual cryogenic processing. There are many different cold treatments that can be done that won’t have the same effects as true reaching true cryogenic temperatures.

Change Up the Acoustics of the Room

Another way to take your HiFi system to the next level is to change up the acoustics of the room. The shape and contents of a room can have a significant impact on how your system will sound. This is because sound waves travel around a room, and the path they take can often impact how good or bad they will sound. For example, if you listen to your HiFi system in a completely barren room with many windows, there will likely be an echo and you will have to deal with a lot of reverberations.

Rooms that include furniture, art on the walls and other things to absorb the reflections of the sound will often sound better. You can also use acoustic diffusers on the wall, foam panels and other things to absorb the sound. All in all, there are several different ways for you to improve the acoustics in your room, so be sure to try a couple and see what provides the best results.

Perfect the Positioning of Your Gear

Lastly, the positioning of the audio equipment and gear you use can have a major impact on the quality of the sound you are able to get. If your speakers are placed in a subpar location, the music or audio you listen to will not sound as good as it could. Your speaker position should be something you put some time and testing into.

In general, speakers should be a few feet off of a wall, separated by about 4 feet, should be angled inward toward the listener, and not have anything in between them and where you will be sitting. In addition to your gear, you want to ensure that you are positioned and seated correctly to best enjoy the sound. You want to be away from the boundaries of the room, and be facing the speakers.

As you can see, there are several different ways to improve your HiFi system without having to go out and purchase newer or more expensive equipment. Whether you use cryogenically treated materials, work on the acoustics of the room or simply change up the position of your gear, you should see an improvement in sound quality. 

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