How to Pick the Right Subwoofer for your Home Theater System?

Do you wish to listen to the sound which is crystal clear and makes a deep impact? If yes, then a subwoofer can do the trick for you. Adding a subwoofer can greatly improve your home theater’s performance. They are dedicated bass speakers that are a part of the complete audio system, which enhances the music experience. They are installed for producing low-frequency bass sounds.
The real audio comes from the low end, the bass. If it gives you rumble in your chest, that’s the bass. Many of us want that kind of subwoofer, but with numerous subwoofers out there, and even more getting developed with different sizes and specs, which one is the best for us?
You need to do some thorough analysis of what to buy as per your needs and budget. Below is everything you need to know about subwoofers before buying a perfect one.

How to Pick the Right Subwoofer?

Before you start looking for a new subwoofer, it is important to know how exactly it will benefit you. Read on to know what to look for in a subwoofer before buying.

Highly Effective

Subwoofers lift off the burden from other speakers that are meant to produce mid-range or high-frequency sounds by producing well-defined low-frequency bass sounds. After all, putting too much pressure on the main speakers can distort the sound. Subwoofers also enable you to hear sounds just as they are chanted. They range from 20 to 200Hz and add depth to music while enhancing and enriching the home theater sounds. 
If you are looking for a highly effective bass subwoofer, then the BIC America’s F12 is one of the best budget-friendly subwoofers in the market. It has adjustable crossover and volume control with magnetic shielding for noise reduction. You can check the full review of the BIC America F12 subwoofer to know more about it.

Have an Amplifier Support

Whether it is a component sub or a powered sub, both need to connect to an amplifier. Be it an in-built version or through an external connection, a subwoofer must be powered properly to get the best output. The standard way to have a perfect sub is to check its RMS ratings and impedance value. Then, look for the amplifier, if it is two or four-channel that will match your subwoofer’s power ratings (RMS) for best results.

Size also Matters

A good subwoofer also depends on how much space you are willing to spare for it and the type of bass you want. If you want a deep bass with your walls rumbling and chest-thumping effect, get a 12-inch subwoofer. For normal bass, 10-inch will be perfect, while an 8-inch will be good enough for punchy and tight performance in a limited space.

The Enclosure is also Important

Bass sounds are omnidirectional (the ones which receive signals from or transmit from all directions), so if you can locate from where the sound is coming then, it is possible that your subwoofer is not properly enclosed. The type of enclosure depends upon whether you choose depth or volume. Generally, sealed enclosures are recommended for deep bass.
The above checklist will surely help you find an ideal subwoofer and create a perfect sound system for your home theater.
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