5 Tips for Choosing the Best Free Cloud Storage for Your Needs

Cloud storage continues to grow in popularity for personal and business use alike, and with remote working becoming the new office, it's important to keep up with remote advancements.

The best part is it's free!

Read below to learn more about how to choose the best free cloud storage for you.

5 Tips for Best Free Cloud Storage

Before we start, it's important to have a clear idea of what cloud storage is.

Cloud storage, much like other typical forms of storage (like USB drives, hard drives, or external hard drives) is a way to store data and digital assets. The difference is instead of it being stored on-site, it is stored off-site at another physical location.

This provides easy remote access and secure storage for sensitive information like consumer data, or personal data like pay stubs (speaking of pay stubs, discover how to create real check stubs here).

Now that that's sorted, on to the tips!

Cloud Security

When using cloud storage, you're using a shared environment. Providers lease out massive supplies of storage (like a physical storage unit) to all kinds of consumers. And while there are strict safeguard practices in place, it doesn't hurt to conduct your own security checks for added safety.


When choosing a free cloud storage option, it's easy to think you must skimp on operations, but you're wrong!

When you store data, it should be easy to move between formats. Whether you're transferring data from the cloud to a computer (that was originally from a phone) or moving data from off-site to on-site, there should be no issues.


Accessibility goes hand in hand with movement. Being able to access information anywhere is the whole point of cloud storage. If you can't access your cloud from your phone and computer, then why use it at all?

Whichever platform you choose, make sure it is accessible from any device. The platform must be user-friendly as well. The best free cloud storage services should make editing information and moving data between sources hassle-free.


It is incredibly important to understand your current storage infrastructure before trying to move to cloud storage. This is especially true for companies.

Different cloud platforms will have different infrastructures and layouts. If you choose a platform that doesn't match your current layout, switching to a cloud database will be much harder. By matching the current infrastructure to the cloud storage infrastructure as best as possible, you create a smoother transition.


Due to the nature of cloud storage, should any unfortunate event happen, all providers should be able to regain any lost data. However, checking what back-up intervals, techniques, and locations are used for these situations is necessary to ensure they meet your needs.

The Best Free Online Cloud Storage Is...

Up to you!

But if we had to recommend one, we'd say Blomp. Blomp is by far the best free cloud storage for photos and documents and offers up to 200GB of free storage!

Don't stop there though. Choosing the best free cloud storage comes down to specifics. With the list above, you'll know exactly what to look for and have the confidence to make the right choice!

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