FamiSafe Parental Control App: Best to Monitor Your Child's Online Activities

Online portals are becoming very advanced, and we have no idea about which moment which destination we will reach. This is one of the major problems for today's parents. Now their kids are dependent on online resources a lot, and they have no idea what their kid is doing. By keeping the same into consideration, the FamiSafe application has been developed.

Yes, you just get it right. It is one of the best Android parental control app out there which let users track about their child's online activity. There will be no need for them to end up with something anymore. 

The FamiSafe parental control app will not let them feel disappointed in any case because they can simply track what their child is doing. Moreover, the interface of the application is so advanced that a user can easily get an idea of what is happening around, and in case they wish to stop it, the option will also be there for them. 

Top Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App:

Activity Report:

An individual will be able to get the activity report of their child. Whichever the device their child is using, they will be going to track what their child is up to and in which online resources he/she is engaged. The comprehensive report will be there according to the amount of time with the FamiSafe App. Moreover, the usage patterns will be cleared, and the parents will be able to get an idea where they need to keep track of.

Parental Alerts:

This application will let you get alerts about adult content as well. In case your child is focusing on an adult website, you will be going to get the alert so that you can easily resolve it. There will be a red flag if any suspicious photos are detected on your child device. Moreover, social media interactions and pages, along with inappropriate photos, can also be excluded with the help of this application.

Web Content:

We all have an idea about how WorldWideWeb is open for everyone out there. Children are witnessing it a lot, and sometimes they just dragged from there to another place. The best parental control apps will help them to block all these websites as well. A parent will be able to get a clear report about the web pages their child visiting. Moreover, it will be going to act as the complete guide for child safety. Moreover, it let parents get an idea about deleted history as well. In case your child has deleted any particular portal after using it, you can get an idea about it as well.

Screen Time:

The amount of time your child is spending in front of the screen will also be recorded with the FamiSafe app. You can simply check out how much time he/she is spending on the same. Moreover, in case you wish to block the devices or set up the times then also you can go with it so that your child will be able to engage in some good activities. There will be no need for you to keep yourself away from browsing your child.

Family Locator:

It will be going to add to the family locator as well. You can simply check out the geographical presence easily. A real-time location option is there, which lets you get an idea of where your child is. Moreover, in case you find out that your child is in bad company, you can simply review with the help of this application. All you need to do is just use this application effectively.

Browser History:

Browser history will also get available to all the parents out there. There will be no need for them to end up with something which they have not expected. All the need to do is just go through the browser history so that they can get an idea of what their child is doing.

YouTube Monitor:

With the help of this application, you will be able to monitor YouTube activities as well. There will be no need for YouTube to feel like your child is hiding something from you and using YouTube inappropriately.

How to Use the Application?

Whenever you are looking forward to using the FamiSafe Parental Control app, then the steps you need to adapt are very simple.

1. At the very first all you need to do is just download and install the application on your device.

2. This application is available for iOS and Android both, you can download it using the links below:

3. Thereafter, open the application and complete the registration procedure by any of the email accounts you are having.

4. Do not forget to install the same application on your kid’s device as well.

5. When the installation and registration procedure is completed, all you need to do is just connect the application so that you can manage the devices with the help of the dashboard. 

In case the application is not registered in both the devices an individual will not be able to use it and the thought of monitoring your child activities will become a thought only.

Pricing and Destinations it is Available:

If a user is looking forward to getting this best parental control app, then all they need to do is just visit the “Apple App Store” and “Google Play Store”. From there they will be able to get it. Also, there is a particular amount they need to pay, it is according to the price mentioned below:-


● Price - $9.99 /month 

● Connect up to 5 devices per account


● Price - $4.99/month 

● Billed annually at $59.99
● Connect up to 30 devices per account


● Price - $6.66 /month

● Billed quarterly at $19.99

● Connect up to 10 devices per account

These are the plans available out there. A user will be able to choose any of them accordingly. Default auto-renewal plan options are also there on all subscriptions. When the plan is about to end, the amount will get debited from the registered account. Additionally, if a user is looking forward to stopping the auto-renewal option, they can do it anytime.


Now it is quite clear that with the help of the FamiSafe parent control application a parent will be able to keep track of the activities of their child in detail and there will be no need for them to face insecurity just because they have no idea what their child is doing. All the need to do is just get the application on their device and browse through it to utilize all the functions in it. 

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