Classic Horror Games to Play on Halloween

It's the season for scares, and no thriller movie can match the sentiment of fear and interactive experience that originates from immersing yourself in the right horror game.

With Halloween practically around the corner, we’ve compiled some classic horror games you can enjoy on PC and console. But if you want to jump into some cool horror games right now, try, Forgotten Hill: Surgery, or some of the other scary .io games online you can play in a browser.


Phasmophobia is a 4-player online co-op horror game available on PC. Paranormal action is on the ascent and it's up to you and your group to utilize all the hunting gear available to you, to accumulate as much evidence as possible.

Cooperating with up to three different players, you'll have to explore homes, farmhouses, and even a school, setting up cameras and different gadgets to record whatever entities or evil presence is disturbing the location.

You can even utilize a Ouija board to speak with the supernatural directly, which seems like a terrible idea if horror movies have taught us anything. If you were looking for a The Conjuring simulator, Phasmophobia may fit the bill.

Dying Light

Zombie games often don’t feel very scary, even Resident Evil mostly relies on cinematic jump scare moments. The problem is that zombies are often simply cannon fodder for the player’s arsenal, shambling meatbags for you to riddle with bullets. Sometimes that’s a good thing, like letting off some stress in Zombs

Dying Light drops you into a zombie-infested city where you need to scavenge for supplies, and firearms are relatively scarce, forcing you to make due with melee weapons. You can go around bashing regular zombies with your baseball bat during the daytime with no sweat, but if you’re outside of a safehouse when night falls, you’re in for a terrifying experience.

Special enhanced zombie-types come out at night and will easily hunt you down, given that they can run, climb, and pounce you from a distance.


F.E.A.R. is a shooter that catches the vibe of being in wild and frantic firefights like no other game before it, and it's an inconceivable, active, practically exhaustive experience beginning to end.

F.E.A.R. is effectively one of the most serious and climatic games that you'll play, and it's a beautiful mix of horror and action.

This is a game that will excite you one second and alarm you the following. F.E.A.R. includes probably the best gunplay accessible in a first-individual shooter. This by itself makes it an amazingly extraordinary game that must be experienced.

While F.E.A.R garnered a ton of positive reviews, Monolith Productions also developed an underrated classic horror game Condemned: Criminal Origins, which is definitely worth checking out as well.

Silent Hill

The Silent Hill series sits alongside Resident Evil as a defining game of the survival horror genre. But while Resident Evil leans more towards zombie-shooting action, Silent Hill plays more on psychological terror.

While all the SH games are good, and there are rumours abound of a new Silent Hill game possibly in the making, Silent Hill 4: The Room may be the pinnacle of storytelling for the series.

The game's hero is Henry Townshend, who has been trapped in his apartment for five days with no contact with the outside world.

He discovers a hole in his washroom that leads to different dimensions, and things simply get strange from that point.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake can be considered to some degree a cult classic, using exceptional storytelling devices and light-based interactivity mechanics to make a suspenseful thrill ride.

A novelist in the middle of dark horror conspiracy, Alan Wake seems like the hero of a Stephen King book. Along with his significant other Alice, Wake is attacked by shadowy figures constrained by The Dark Presence, an otherworldly power that is gradually assuming control over his little Washington town.

The story happens through six scenes, causing it to look like a TV series. During the game, Wake must utilize his flashlight to uncover The Dark Presence before they can be executed with normal weapons. 

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