Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tools to Help Drive More Followers

Today Instagram marketing is no longer a choice, it has become mandatory if you wish to promote your brand and boost your business’s image online. Instagram is a powerful and robust platform that has practically very little scope for incorporating space for text and limited scope and ability to effectively link to your existing website. It is quite evident that Instagram is not meant to be used exclusively by individuals for personal use but it is very much a global platform that helps brands and businesses to go about recruiting new talent, humanizing their content, showcasing unique and innovative products, and actively inspiring or motivating their audience. Today Instagram takes immense pride in claiming that users are not only active but in fact, they are engaged. 

Over 50 percent of the active Instagram users are on the platform every day and 35 percent admit to checking their Instagram accounts several times every day as they keep looking for updates. Instagram could prove to be immensely useful in growing your overall online brand awareness and introducing new products. Around 70 percent of the Instagrammers have devoted valuable time while looking for a brand presence on the platform. As per HubSpot, we understand that Instagram helps your business to promote unique or specific products in an authentic and friendly manner and there would be no hard selling involved. It is of pivotal importance to use Instagram marketing tools for dominating your business’s overall marketing strategy. For example, the best Instagram micro-influencer agency can showcase your brand through Instagram influencers with a high product-affinity for your brand. Here are some of the most effective and reliable Instagram marketing tools for promoting your business.


Sendible seems to be an extremely popular and frequently used platform that allows you to have accounts on various social media platforms and that may include Instagram. Sendible seems to be seamlessly integrated with certain other effective tools such as Canva that are quite helpful and beneficial, as far as, Instagram is concerned. This tool helps in effectively scheduling, monitoring mentions, and tracking the overall performance of all your Instagram posts individually. 


Olapic is regarded as a cutting-edge visual commerce platform. It is a fantastic tool for gathering user-generated video content that is incredibly valuable since it is collected in real-time. Olapic makes this shoppable and goes about measuring ad predicting which specific content would prove to be the top performer. It helps in obtaining rights for specific content so that you have the freedom to utilize it across your email, advertising, and even offline channels.


Pablo seems to be an effective platform that helps you in generating fascinating pictures for your business account and cater to your precise Instagram marketing purposes. You have the freedom of choosing pictures from an amazing collection available at Pablo’s own library that boasts of having over 500,000 photos. The highlighting feature is the resizing option meant for diverse social platforms and that may include Instagram. The resizing option is pretty useful as it helps in ensuring that your picture fits with perfection.

Promo's Instagram Video Maker

Promo is an online video maker wherein you can create any type of video content. With Promo, you can easily make eyecatching Instagram videos. Promo has ready-to-use templates and a variety of video formats specially designed for Instagram. Promo helps to create stand-out videos that grab attention.


Awario is a highly-acclaimed tool that helps by identifying your brand mentions across the blogs/ news, web, and even social media channels including Instagram. It effectively analyzes your brand mentions on the platform and tells you precisely about the industry’s top influencers you may need to get in touch with, and reveals the actual sentiment or personality behind the brand. The tool is effective in telling you the locations and languages of your audience and analyzing accurately the reach and growth of your mentions. Awario could be a great tool for telling you how you stand vis-à-vis your existing competitors. 


Grum is supposed to be a popular scheduling tool for publishing content both videos and pictures on Instagram. You could consider publishing from several accounts simultaneously and even tag the users. This could be done straight away from your desktop.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes seems to be an effective but simple tool for suggesting some popularly used relevant hashtags. Brands are hugely benefited when they come to know of the hot favorite hashtags in real-time since they help them to keep abreast of the latest trends and grow followers in the long run. In this context, you must know that if you wish to gain real Instagram likes, you could seek professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company such as Like4Like for perfect solutions. 


Canva is fundamentally a design tool that is a fantastic fit for organizations and marketers who do not hire the services of a qualified in-house designer. Canva is best for creating perfect Instagram Stories. Easy design tools and chic templates help your Story to win a competitive edge which is just not that easy in the Instagram scenario.


Shortstack is a fabulous tool for running Instagram contests. We realize that contests are a big part of this versatile and powerful social media platform. Contests are known for causing a tremendous amount of buzz, boosting brand awareness, and attracting new followers. Shortstack would be collecting all valuable User-Generated content like pictures that have been posted on specifically your content hashtags. Shortstack could be used for accurately finding out the exact level of engagement, some other valuable information, and useful data.


Plann is supposed to be a crucial Instagram marketing management tool that lets you carry on effective designing, editing, scheduling, and analyzing your posts. For instance, you could successfully edit the grid for Instagram. You have the freedom to go about rearranging, organizing, cropping, and scheduling all your Instagram Stories. Plann helps to provide all thrilling Instagram statistics right from high-performing hashtags to the most popular and best-performing color schemes. You have the liberty to go about collaborating with some other efficient marketers for smoothly and successfully operating your Instagram account well together.


Hopper has been boasting to be the very best Instagram scheduler that is truly effective for managing everything right from inserting your posts from multiple accounts, to reposting, editing pictures, commenting, and even more. Hopper is supposed to be an automated scheduling and planning tool meant for Instagram that enables brands to come up with a plan, schedule, and even preview posts well in advance across numerous accounts. 

We understand that the platform has been designed specifically for a marketing agency or social media managers to assist them in boosting overall account presence, engagement, and quality. Hopper’s cutting-edge editing and planning features are great for assisting social media managers in saving time, boosting the consistency and quality of their Instagram and other social networking accounts. Users are able to post scheduled content automatically to Instagram without using push notifications or reminders. Moreover, the calendar planner helps users in viewing and planning all their posts by week and even by month.


Currently, you are having easy access to a plethora of Instagram marketing tools. You may consider checking them out, identifying the ones you would need, and then transforming and taking your Instagram marketing to the next level. You must leverage these highly effective and super competent tools for boosting your business. The right Instagram marketing tools could make a huge difference. Remember without the perfect marketing tools, your Instagram marketing stratagem is sure to fall flat even before given the opportunity. Do not ever forget that effective Instagram marketing could go a long way in transforming the face of your brand. However, your business’s success is guaranteed with an arsenal of robust and powerful Instagram marketing tools that are in line with the goals and aspirations of your organization. 

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