Tips to Step-Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing in 2020

2020 has been a year that the world will never forget. The pandemic has forced people to live a life they never thought they could. Social media is the only reason that some people have been able to keep their sanity. Also, social media has made it possible for businesses to keep running. 2020 is the year where businesses have found the need to step up their social media marketing strategies. Below are some tips for real estate social media marketing that have proved useful;

1. Optimize your content using real estate related hashtags

The easiest way to get more engagement to your content on social media is by using hashtags. Some people use it to get more likes on their posts. For a business, hashtags are an incredible way of optimizing content. They will help your page and contents become more discoverable on the said social media platform. Hashtags will also help you become more discoverable to your potential clients. 

However, you cannot just rely on using any hashtag. For instance, on twitter, people use the trending hashtags to boost their post engagement. A person looking for a real estate agency will never go searching “#Zendayawinsemmy” because it doesn’t make sense. For this reason, as a business, you ought to use the hashtags that are related to your business or industry. That way, when people search the particular hashtags, they can find your business. You can use hashtags on different social media platforms like Instagram, where 30 hashtags are the limit, Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok. 

2. Create content that your followers can relate to

Another tip is to be keen on the content you create because it will influence the response and whether or not your audience will actually read it. People on social media do not want to read and engage with too professional posts and packed with jargons. Most of the time, especially on Instagram, people do not read lengthy captions. On the other hand, twitter is the place where people actually care to read captions before looking at images. Therefore, if you are creating content, you have to know how to relate with your audience and the particular platform you are dealing with. 

For instance, on Instagram, you can have funny and catchy real estate quotes in image-form then add your contact information and location on the caption. You can also use images of houses you have completed sales on and testimonials in the form of short videos or images. The trick is to focus more on the visuals on Instagram. On the other hand, on Twitter, you can include catchy and promotional captions. Include the problems related with buying and selling houses and how you can solve them. 

3. Include testimonials as part of your content

More often than not, people relate better to testimonials and customer reviews that product descriptions and explanations from the company itself. Therefore, it would be wise to use this technique on social media as well. You can get your clients to write a testimonial or create a short video that you can share on different social media platforms. The trick is to make sure that your content displays your professionalism and that you can be trusted to get the work done. Also, make sure to collect and share reviews and even those success stories from the past. There isn’t a better way to market your business than this. 

4. Find out what your competitors are doing

You can often get inspiration from your competition. The trick is to check on what they are doing and find a way to incorporate it in your plan in a unique way. You want to go for a successful competitor because going the other way would not make sense. Also, you do not want to look like a copycat. Therefore, find out what is working for them and customize it to make it your own before presenting it to your clients and potential clients. You can also find out which platforms are working best for them and maximize on those ones. For instance, Facebook is the go to social media platform for real estate marketing because of its ads. Therefore, you may want to center your focus on Facebook. However, this does not mean that you can entirely do away with other platforms. You never know; you might be the first real estate business to break through the other platforms. 

5. Constant analyzing of your social media marketing tools

It is also wise to keep analyzing the tools that work for you and those who do not. Constant analysis will help you discover your strength and the areas where you need to improve. Therefore, make it your priority to analyze your real estate social media marketing performance so that you can stay ahead of the game and your competition. 


There are so many social media tools that you can apply to your social media marketing strategy to boost its success. For instance, you can use free stock photos to find realtor images instead of constantly hiring professional photographers. This tool can be very beneficial for a new business. You can also hire an expert social media strategist to assist with your social media marketing. 

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