3 Effective Ways Realtors Can Use to Boost Sales

Realtors are always looking for ways to improve their businesses and boost their sales. Realtors aren’t afraid to go out of the box to make a name for themselves. It is easy to find all sorts of out-of-the-box marketing from banners, flyers, and dance videos, and more! Realtors are always looking to drum up a new business and will do whatever it takes to boost their sales.

What realtor doesn’t want more leads? It’s simple, more leads, equals more listings, more closing, and more commissions. With everything a realtor has to do, generating more leads and more sales can be hard.

Thanks to digital marketing, it is easier than ever to get the word out, but how can realtors use it to boost their sales and get more clients?

With a bit of social media, SEO, and good old fashioned networking, realtors can boost their sales efforts like never before!

You can easily improve your sales with these 3 time-proven marketing strategies.

Social Media

Realtors are always the first to jump into the newest digital trends. Those realtors that embrace social media marketing isn’t afraid to get their name out there and make a splash!

For realtors looking to improve their sales, social media is a must. Those realtors that benefit from social media see a large return from having a clear content plan.

For a realtor to generate more sales from social media they need to post a large variety of content. Some content must-haves are:

     New or existing listings
     Team Features
     Personal Updates
     Closed Listings
     Customer Reviews
     Client Stories
     Open House Videos
     Relevant blog posts

For relators today, you need to have a mix of personal and professional content. Although listings are extremely important to share, client stories will help you generate more clients.
With your social media, it is best to focus on why and how you go the extra mile for your client. You can showcase this by making personal content that makes potential clients feel like they know you! Pictures of pets, open house walkthroughs, and live videos will give your business a personal feel. Hard Money Lenders in Arizona suggest making videos of happy clients to showcase your expertise!
If you are looking to take your real estate marketing to the next level, a social media scheduler and calendar are a must. Not only does it make it easier to track your posts, but you can see what posts are most effective.


Thanks to search engines, finding the things we want and need has never been easier. That is why it is crazy that more realtors don’t think SEO is to make the most of their listings.

With a properly optimized site, you can rise in rankings and have more clients coming to your site, finding your listings.

Here are the top ways to optimize your site:

     Increase Your Page Speed
     Write Great Blog Content
     Optimize Your Homepage for top keywords.
Have you ever left a site because the page didn’t load? Having a fast page speed is a must for any realtor looking to boost their site. For most realtors having top quality photos and all their listings displayed is a must, but those photos can kill page speed. Realtors can work with a web designer or even install file reducing plug-ins to make the most of their page speed. With more people using phones, you need to have your page optimized for mobile browsing.
Talk with your developer to make sure that your site is responsive and easy to navigate on a phone. Faster page speeds and mobile-optimized sites see better SEO traffic than those without.
Another great way to improve your site is with bogs. Writing top content is a great way to content with your audience, and helps search engines see your site updates. Make sure you write great content, whether about how to find a good realtor, how to stage your home, and more. These not only help showcase your expertise but help you build up your keyword bank! Try to write evergreen content that can answer your client's most pressing questions!
Finding the best keyword is all about understanding the search intent of your clients. Knowing what content and searches your clients need will help make for great content and keywords.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical technique to drive leads to your website. When done correctly, your website and web pages will show up higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) during relevant searches. SEO requirements change all the time, so regular updates to your site are a necessity. Make sure your site also has the following SEO listings:
     Backlinks: Sites that link back to your site.
     Meta titles and descriptions: Make sure your site is properly formatted.
   Online directories: List your site on big online directories and make it easier for your client to find you.
With these SEO tweaks your site will see more visitors, and more potential clients.

Networking and Referrals

While a bit old-school, having a great network, and generating referrals is always a great way realtors can boost sales. There are many ways realtors can generate new sales with old fashioned networking, and it will leave a lasting impression.

The top ways to grow your network and generate referrals are:

     Attend Networking Events
     Send Cards
     Client Testimonials
Networking is all about growing the connections and your business, which is why it will never get out of style. Make a point to attend a networking event at least once a month, and make a point to add new connections on social networks. You never know when you can use a new service, or who could use a realtor!
Thank you, and holiday cards are a great networking tool that Phoenix hard money lenders swear by. Sending cards, especially handwritten tell your clients how much you appreciate their business! Cards are perfect to showcase your thoughtfulness and follow-through.  It's a great gesture to make to your clients and can help remind them of friends or family that can use your services.
Another great way to help generate referrals? Closing gifts and stories! Share stories of how people closed, and give a closing gift to happy clients. This will help spread the word on your services! Happy clients are always ready to share your information and are a great way to build your business.


Boosting your sales doesn’t have to be difficult, for many realtors using the right marketing tricks is a great way to build your network and generate more leads. You can easily do this with the right digital marketing, and making sure your site is as easy to use as possible.

Use the following tactics to boost your real estate sales:

     Social Media: Use social media to reach new audiences and new clients with the perfect blend of personal and professional content! Use a social media calendar to make sure you are posting at the right times!
     SEO: Optimize your website to make sure that clients can easily find your site! By updating your site regularly, using the right keywords, you can move in the rankings and get more visitors and leads to your site.
     Networking and Referrals: Make a point to regularly attend network events, and go the extra mile for your clients. Sending cards, giving gifts and making yourself referable is a great way to keep new business coming!
Which of these tips will you use to increase your sales? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author: 
Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor of Advertising, with a specialization in Graphic Design. She is a content marketer for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. She currently writes and reports for Prime Plus Mortgages - Phoenix Hard Money Loans.

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