How to Change Your iOS GPS Location?

Do you want yourself to be equipped with an application that allows you to fake iOS GPS location? Do you want that in case you want to send your location to someone, they will not get an idea of where you are? If yes, then the read is for you only.

This article will be going to disclose some applications that help you if iPhone GPS not working solved without any hassle. Let's have a look at the applications available to change the iOS GPS location easily:-

1. Fake GPS Location:

Fake GPS location is one of the simplest applications available that will allow you to change your iPhone's location easily. But there is a problem with this application. For a particular duration, the other person will check out your location, but your current or say real location will get displayed after a while. It is not a stable choice to have. Apart from it, the application interface is user friendly, and there is no need for you to engage in any complicated procedure.

2. Dr.Fone Virtual Location:

Dr.Fone virtual location is among those applications for iOS GPS spoofing, which is quite stable to have. Whenever you wish to fake your location, this application will hit at the top for you. There is a lot available in this application, making it the right choice for you to have. You can change the location as a real movement without any hassle. Additionally, it also allows you to have simulated walking along any path you draw.

Additionally, it is based on AR games and applications, which lets you understand that this is the best choice for you to have. Moreover, there is no need for a user to pay even a single penny for downloading the application. It is available on Apple App Store, and from there, a user can download it.

3. VPNa:

It will act as a location changer and GPS spoofer or faking location on iphone for all the iPhone users out there. This will allow you to add Avatar to the map's location and easily share it with your friends. But this application is not a stable choice to have. The major problem arises that it hangs on your device. There might be a chance that some viruses linked with it, which may affect your device as well. Therefore, if you just want to use the application merely for a prank, then you can consider it otherwise for long use. This is not the best choice to have.

4. Spoofer Go:

Spoofer Go is also the app that allows you to change the location by searching and selecting the place you like on a map. It supports satellite and hybrid map views available. But the major problem arises with this application because it will not let you settle upon a particular location. In case you wish to share the exact location, then it will not allow you to do it at all. Additionally, you will end up with some mess and some virus in your device in certain cases.

These are applications that one can consider whenever you wish to faking location on iPhone. After this read, if we conclude which application is best to conclude, then Dr.Fone virtual location is best known. If you have no idea why we are considering it to be the best, let's look at all the features available in it.

Features in Dr.Fone Virtual Location:

  • This application will allow you to get available with the teleport iPhone GPS. There is no limitation imposed considering the location.
  • If you wish to simulate the biking running along the real roads, it will automatically allow you.
  • The interface of the application is quite neat and clean.
  • This application is secure to use.
  • This application is virus-free.
  • Dr.Fone virtual location will allow you to get stable performance.
  • This application is a stable choice to have by all the users.


From the above discussed data, it is evident that whenever a user has a faking location on iPhone, the Dr.Fone virtual location is best to have. This allows them to get available with enormous features to easily get the best and return. 

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