Benefits of Custom Software Development Everyone Should Know

Companies are expected to spend around $483 billion on custom software in 2021, making the niche one of the most profitable. Personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices work on software that billions of people use regularly. And the smoother and more user-friendly the software, the higher revenues.

Estimates are that companies waste $15 million a year on shelfware (unused software), making this expense too costly. The answer to this problem is simple - hire a software development company and get a customized solution. This article will discuss the advantages of custom software development to help you make the right choice. 

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the creation, design, and software maintenance for a particular feature, group of users, or enterprise. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), it targets a specific set of functions and tasks. The most popular COTS example is Microsoft Office, which creates and distributes solutions to numerous users and enterprises.

On the contrary, custom software development meets specific needs and is not tailored to a general audience. If you are unsure which one to choose, continue reading, and learn more about the pros and cons of custom software development.

1. Personalization

Personalization is considered ane essential software development advantage because markets and goals vary, so it’s impossible to find a solution that fits everyone. Even though there are suitable COTS, they are not able to meet all your needs. Some developers decide to modify built-in features, but too many functions should be changed.

That is why the best solution is to use software built for your particular business. Personalized tools significantly simplify your tasks and routine because they can deal with daily assignments and processes. When you order custom software with people in mind, personalization dramatically increases their loyalty.

2. Return on investment (ROI)

Some say that price is one of the main disadvantages of custom software, but it can increase your profits, making it a good investment in the long run. And it should be noted that COTS is often just as expensive as personalized solutions. When using commercial software, companies also need to buy hardware, version updates, and additional services.

Custom application development may be costly, but the investment will pay off in return. The best thing you can do is write a detailed return-on-investment plan, comparing expenditures on custom and commercial software and expected revenues. It might help to pick a more suitable option.

3. Optimal investments

The next advantage also concerns investments. With the help of custom software, companies spend less updating existing programs instead of implementing new ones. And not all customers are happy mastering new tools, so you risk losing them.

So building custom software and then simply maintaining the app by adding new tools and features, your long-term product can have bigger success. Here are the main benefits:
  • People are already familiar with the product and its interface, so they know how to use it;
  • Systems are more or less static;
  • All tools have a standard design that improves brand recognition.

4. Compatibility

Modern companies use numerous tools to meet their goals: from daily planning to tracking annual financial activity. Businesses need the tools to be compatible to make data transition smooth. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve with off-the-shelf software. When you get custom app development, all the instruments are integrated and can boast flexibility and smooth data transition.

5. Security

A list of software development benefits is incomplete without security. Malware and hacker attacks could cost your company lots of money, especially if the software collects information on your workers, projects, and customers.

Even though custom software may not be safer than a commercial one, it is not a common target for cyber attackers. In most cases, hackers choose commercial software available in open access and used by thousands or even millions of users. Your company may be under attack only if hackers are targeting the organization itself.

Besides, cyber-criminals have a chance to get familiar with off-the-shelf products in advance and are aware of its vulnerabilities. Even though regular updates are posted, hackers find new and new vulnerabilities, so the struggle never ends. It’s more difficult for them to study your software and find breaches.

A great benefit of custom products is that they are tailored to meet your needs and peculiarities. With the developers’ help, you can discuss what tools and programs the firm needs to protect its databases and systems.

6. Orientation on a customer

On average, users delete applications less than six days after being used for the last time. And if it is an entertainment app, users delete it within a single day! This indicates how demanding customers are and how important it is for you to create software that will fit their needs best.

People are spoiled with millions of apps, and if they don’t like your product, they’ll simply delete it and download another one. If you want to stand out from competitors, it is wise to design a unique product that fits your requirements and meets customers’ needs. Unfortunately, these two features are tough to get with commercial software.

7. Maintenance of software as long as you need

If the above advantages of custom application development are not enough, let us discuss less obvious ones. When ordering products solely for your company, there are no time limits to maintaining the software.

When using off-the-shelf products, you don’t own them, and the final say is always the developers. For example, Microsoft, which owns MS Office, may simply shut down the product. It could cause your company multiple inconveniences, including financial losses. If developers decide to stop supporting software, you won’t be able to influence the decision. You’ll have to find another product, and the process may be rather time-consuming and costly.

However, with custom software, you can contact the development company and ask for changes or updates any time you need them. You can use the software as long as you want because there are no licenses, paid subscriptions, or altered terms of use.

8. Support

Custom software development engages many specialists in different fields who know the product from A to Z and can handle any problem. That is why they can answer your questions and fix anything. Unfortunately, this is impossible with commercial software that has hidden codes and limited access.

9. Scalability

To remain competitive in the industry, companies need to grow and evolve. And even if commercial software is enough for the business initially, it may not cope with tomorrow’s tasks. When the company grows or changes direction, it is challenging to adjust off-the-shelf products to your needs or train the team repeatedly.

However, when working with software developers, you can create products that continually learn and adjust to your growth. Also, the support team can maintain software and ensure that it remains efficient. Remember, software shouldn’t hold your business back from growth and productivity, which is almost inevitable if you use commercial tools.

10. Easily integrated

Every company has multiple departments, from accounting to marketing and human resources. In some way, they all work independently on separate tasks. However, there are still objectives that can only be solved together.

Fast communication and practical cooperation greatly influence business success. That is why it’s so essential to develop products that can integrate with all departments. For example, an effective environment where accountants and HR managers can calculate salaries or developers and designers can work together on the interface.

This task is much simpler to complete with custom software tailored to a particular company’s needs and implemented in all departments. 


There may be both advantages and disadvantages of custom software development, but it’s difficult to deny that personalized solutions significantly contribute to a company’s efficiency and growth. If you want to occupy a top market position, software development tailored to your goals and needs is crucial. Make a list of goals that you want to achieve and hire a team of professional developers, and you’ll surely offer high-quality services remaining competitive and profitable.

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